Malia and Marlin

Sarah Sprowls

Long ago in Olympus the great village of gods and goddesses there was a goddess named Malia, she was the goddess of sadness. Every time Malia cries it causes rain. Malia would cry for the smallest reasons, if a mortal from earth did something as small as break a bone Malia would cry. All the other gods hated when Malia cried. One day Zeus called in Marin the god of happiness. Zeus said “I need to do something for me Marlin and I’m willing to pay.” “What is it Zeus?” Marlin asked. “I need you to find a way to make Malia stop crying.” Zeus said. Marlin thought for a moment, “Is it really worth it to change someone for your own benefit?" he scratched his curly beard "Yes, it was besides I badly need the money.” “I can do it Zeus; you can count on me to make Malia stop crying forever!” “Good my boy I know you will succeed!” Zeus said. With that Marlin walked proudly out of Zeus’s palace knowing that he would make him proud. Marlin walked down the street lined with golden gates to other god’s palace’s and up to Malia’s palace. Just before he knocked on the giant, gloomy, gray door he listened. He could hear the faint sound of someone crying. “That must be Malia” he mumbled. He knocked on the door and heard a whimpering quiet voice ask “Who’s there?” “It’s Marlin; I’m the god of happiness.” “What do you need?” she asked slightly opening the door and rubbing her tired eyes. “Um, I’ve seen you around Zeus’s palace and I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful you are, and how much you care for the mortals on Earth.” Marlin said. “Y-you think I’m beautiful?” she stuttered. “Yes of course, you are the prettiest thing I have ever seen.” Marlin said as he tucked her long golden hair behind her ear. Malia slightly laughed and said “You’re making me tear up.” “No don’t cry, please.” Begged Marlin. “I need to ask you something.” He said as he grabbed her hand. “Yes” Malia asked. Marlin bent down on one knee and asked “Will you marry me and become the goddess of happiness?” “Yes!” Malia screamed and jumped into his arms. “You know what this means right?” Marlin asked “What?” she asked, “It means that you have to start being happy and you will never cry again. Is that worth our love?” Marlin asked. “Of course it is” she said hugging him again. “Great, I’m going to go tell Zeus about the big news!” Marlin said. “Can I come?” Malia asked innocently. “No you stay here and start making wedding plans.” Marlin instructed. But Malia wanted to go, she wanted to tell Zeus’s wife Zerina because they were very close friends. She was the goddess of mortals so they were close friends because they both cared so much for mortals. So she waited until Marlin was gone to the palace. When she got there she saw Marlin talking to Zeus, she quickly hid behind one of the giant pillars. “Well done my boy” Zeus said with his face glowing like the sun, “Here is your reward” he said handing Marin and overflowing bag of money. “Thank you so much” Marlin said with his snake yellow eyes wide looking at the bag. “No thank you.” said Zeus. Malia stumbled back gasping, “They tricked me!” she whispered. She ran back to her palace and couldn’t even make it up the steps without almost bursting into tears. “I can’t cry”, she thought “I’m the goddess of happiness. WAIT! No he tricked me! I shall tell him what I’ve heard!” So when Marlin came back he went to his office and started counting the money. Malia popped in to his office and Marlin quickly shoved the money in his desk drawer. “What was that sweetie” Malia asked trying to act dumb. “Oh nothing sweetie, don’t worry about it, oh and what did I say? If you’re going to be the goddess of happiness you have to smile!” he said pushing the corners of her mouth up with fingers. She slightly laughed and said “I know Zeus paid you.” “What are you talking about?” “Don’t play dumb I know what’s going on!” “What do you mean?” “Marlin I know your lying and I know Zeus paid you to make me stop crying, I heard you, don’t lie to me Marlin, I know what you’ve done!” she yelled this so loud that it created a huge booming noise that shook all of Olympus. I was thunder. Marlin ran in fear. Malia ran to her room and threw herself onto her bed and cried. She cried and yelled as loud as she could just to annoy Zeus so he would know never to trick her again. Meanwhile down on earth it was a storm like they had never seen before. They were used to a light rain from Malia’s usual crying, but this was different. It was raining so hard that one raindrop could bruise your skin and the sky was making huge booming noise that shook the whole earth. That day Malia learned to be who she wanted to be not what others did. Because of Zeus and Marlin’s mistakes every time Malia remembers that day she creates a thunder storm to punish Zeus’s people for his wrong doings against her.