MGSD AIG Program

Volume 1 Number 3 November 4, 2021

November Begins!

As we roll into November, here are highlights from our past couple of weeks. As you can see, our AIG students are working hard to use critical thinking skills in a variety of areas! We sincerely hope your child is enjoying these experiences AND growing through them!

4th Grade @ EMIS ... Ms. Wilson

We have been working on the Great Desert Island Escape Challenge, a scenario based on a lone survivor who became stranded on an island after a ship wreck. Your child has embarked on a wonderful, exciting learning adventure to help him survive and return to civilization!

Most recently they have worked together in small groups to build a bridge for a crocodile crossing to help the survivor access and secure food. During this challenge students have worked through the STEM design process. This lesson focused on the scientific process, force, liner measurement, teamwork, and communication! The challenge culminates with recording testing data, discussing and writing about what the team thought worked well in their build and what they would change if given a chance to build again in the future.

Our next challenge will begin with all new teams and the challenge to plan, design, and create a watertight container that can float. We will focus on the weight measurement, linear measurement, buoyancy, recording ideas, drawing a design, the scientific method and building working relationships through team work and communication!

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5th Grade MOA.....Ms. Gravett

To keep with the spirit of the season, students worked to solve the math mystery: The Case of the Vengeful Vampire! For 5th graders this was a fun way to apply their recent learning on volume. For 6th graders it was a great way to review volume before taking it up a notch in 6th grade! After watching a video clip to introduce the mystery, students had to calculate the volume of regular and irregular figures to uncover clues that would lead to the location of the vengeful vampire's coffin.

6th Grade @ MIS.....Ms. Wodzenski

To enjoy the beautiful fall weather, students enjoyed their read aloud time outdoors! The book, Ryan and Jimmy And the Well in Africa that Brought them Together, is a story of friendship and compassion - focusing on the necessities that unite us all. Later in the week they created Venn Diagrams and participated in rich, group discussions related to the text.

Talent Development - 1st Grade MOA

1st graders are using their OWL time to help Dudley the Detective solve mysteries! They are learning to spot clues and make inferences. It's never too early to start working those critical thinking muscles! As you can see, they also like to incorporate art into their lessons!
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At Home Enrichment Idea

Logic Puzzles

Many of our students are learning to use deductive reasoning to solve logic puzzles. These are great brain exercises! There are online options as well as books that can be ordered if this is something your child enjoys. Prufrock press has a Logic Safari series that I have used before, but there are lots of good ones out there!

Amy Smith

MGSD AIG Lead Teacher

Please reach out if you have any questions!