Perseverance and Adversity

By: Eliza Santos

Cause/Effect ( The Noble Experiment)

Back in the 1900’s after the Civil War many white people were physically racist to the African Americans. The “Noble Experiment” shows how playing baseball affected Jackie Robinson and the African Americans. In the Noble experiment it shows how Branch Rickey wanted to change the history of baseball. He searched for many African Americans who were willing to play baseball in the Major League Baseball even if people were being racist and physically attacking him. Jackie would sometimes fight back because he couldn’t take all the racism. In the text it says “‘Another player come down from first, stealing, flying in with spikes, and cuts me in the leg.” The player comes up and says “How do you like that Nigger boy.”' (Duckett 151) He wanted to quit playing baseball in the major league. Robinson was very combative to the other players, but he can’t because he needed the guts to not fight back. But then he realized that many people depend on him and many African American kids were inspired by him.

Problem/Solution ( Winston Churchill Biography)

Winston Churchill was a Prime Minister of the United Kingdom in both World Wars. Being in the government was very hard for him and went through many adversities. During both World wars people were in chaos and were panicking about if they would die. Churchill was very successful in politics but one day he was forced out of politics, but he was still member of Parliament. He was forced out because when the Dardanelles campaign, meant to combine naval and infantry attack on the Dardanelles in Turkey, went badly for the British. Churchill was blamed for the whole thing. Winston went through depression and was worried that his political career was over. In the article it says “Churchill went into depression and worried that his political life was completely over.” This explains how he was upset about leaving the government. Then he discovered painting and started to pain for the rest of his life. Two years later he was invited back to the position of Minister of Munitions. The Nazi’s were getting closer to Great Britain and was afraid the people of the U.K will panic, he then became the First Lord of Admiralty once a again. By the end of World war two the people of Britain wanted a change and equality, so Churchill had to resign being Prime Minister. Six years later he was asked to lead Britain again, but suffered a stroke and hid it from public, then had to resign again because of bad health. He was always complacent about that people of Great Britain should not give in.

Description ( Jackie Robinson's Greatness)

Jackie Robinson was a very inspiring person who played baseball for the Brooklyn Dodgers. He broke the segregation that was happening between the African Americans. Many White people were being physically racist to him, but that didn’t stop him from playing baseball and that’s what inspired many African Americans to be strong and never give up. In the article it says “There is a reason why so many young black men have tried to follow in Robinson’s footsteps, pouring all their ambitions into the hope of a career as a pro athlete.” This shows why many young African American boys want to be just like him. In 1963 he ventured to Birmingham to be with Martin Luther King Jr., To fight against segregation moving it to it’s rightful place and resolve the separation. This.This shows the triumphs and successes Jackie Robinson went through and how many people want to be just like him.
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