2014-15 Greece and Rome Review

Past Emperors and Mythology

Past Emperors of Rome

Throughout history, Rome has received many different emperors. Some of them were great and improved the lives of the Romans, but some others were not as nice. One of the horrible rulers was named Commodus, and he reigned from 180 CE-192 CE. Commodus was a party animal and he was more concerned about having fun, rather than running his empire. He had a sister, but she knew that Commodus was a terrible ruler, so she plotted with the senators to kill him, but they failed. Once Commodus found out about this plan, many of the senators were executed. Eventually, Commodus constructed a plan to kill his so-called "friends", but it back-fired and Commodus ended up dying.

Nearly the opposite of Commodus, Trajan was a great emperor. His main focus was to improve Roman life, and he very much succeeded. Trajan restored the freedom of speech to his senators, and so that citizens would trust him and not think of Trajan as a hypocrite, he made an oath that he would abide to all of the law with no exceptions. Along with making sure everything was fair, Trajan created public schools for the poor children in the empire. These acts show that Trajan was a very good leader and was never corrupted by the power given to him.


The family tree of Greek mythology is very vast and filled with many names. The two elders of the family are Gaia, mother of earth, and Uranus. These two created six gods together, and Uranus created Aphrodite, god of love. Two of these six gods, Rhea and Kronos, created six more gods, some of which are well known today because of popular mythological books and films. The tree continues to spread down to Zeus' mortal children, Hercules and Perseus, and that is where this family branch ends. Each god has its own element or such thing. Some popular ones are Hades, the god of the underworld, and Poseidon, the god of the ocean.