The Hunger Games

by Suzanne collins

main charcters

Katniss Everdean- a cunning and expert woodsmen who volenteers herself for the hunger games after her sister was chosen

Peeta malark- a shy guy in the village who is also chosen for the games he puts on an act of love for katniss but is it actually real?

passage from the book

I volunteer I gasp! I volunteer as tribute!

how this quote is important is by her saying that quickly it shows shes quick on her feet and acts on instinct it also shows shes really protective of her sister and would do any thing for her!

main charcters

Do you like to read?

who would like this book

the people who would like to read this book I would be anyone in general im not a big reader myself and I found myself getting sucked into the book over and over again!

about the author

Born august 10 1962 in Hartford her career began in 1991 as a writer for children television shows in 2008 she released the hungar games and was the first book trilogy by Collins and one of her more popular books