Snow Break Work

Each student brought home a work packet to complete while out of school. In addition, they also have their reading story for the week.


Each student has a habitat book to create while at home. We have learned about different habitats and the different things that make up that habitat. Your child has a book of 7 pages. (If your child has finished, please check to see that they have all components. It will be a grade)

The first page is the cover page - it must have a picture and be colored.

The six habitats (pictured below) must be drawn and colored on the remaining pages.

On the back of each habitat the students are to create a tree map (pictured below)

animals - list the different animals found in the habitat

shelter - list the different types of shelter found in the habitat

food - list the different types of food found in the habitat

land - write what kind of land is found in the habitat

water - write where the animals get their source of water


Wok on your habitat projects


I encourage you to utilize our new distance learning tool, Moby Max, to complete lessons in all subject areas.


Our field trip will be rescheduled and we will let you know the new date ASAP


I am hoping that we will be in school on Friday so bring your VALENTINE'S!

These are the six habitats for the book.

This is the example of how to start the tree map.

This is an example of types of animals found in the different habitats. Forest is not listed but I told them that forest animals are basically any animals that you see around Georgia.