Rabbits Do Or Dont

Why You Should Not Get A Rabbit


Grooming. If they rabbit you unfortunately bought gets hair balls you need to take it to the vet right away pg. 20. The toe nails need to be cut twice a month witch is a pain in the but because they squirm and kick. Their front teeth never stop growing so they need toys and hay that can get pricey. The rabbits eat anything they can their teeth on!


Temperature. Rabbits suffer in both hot and cold. So if you put your rabbit outside have fun moving it all summer and winter long! If the cage is well made it get hot or cold easily so you will either haft to add of take-off wood. So the rabbits are usually inside pets.

bathroom and cleaning

Bathroom and cleaning cage. “Cleaning the cage is the hardest part I would say.” You need to take out all the bedding at least once a week. When it pees you need to scrub the bottom of the cage to make the smell go away. They go to the bathroom all the time. You can litter box train them but if you want to do that you haft to do it when their young.