Tech Tip Tuesday

December 2015 Edition

Block Posters

Block Posters is a free and cool tool to create large sized posters from your images and a regular printer. It breaks your images into a block and then you can glue or tape them together with or without a border. Staff will have to override the filter to use block posters but it so worth it! Check it out!

StoryMap JS

StoryMap JS is like a cross between ThingLink and Prezi on steroids. You can use either a map or a gigapixel (which is an image) which is the background. You "pin" different points on the map. At these "pins" it brings an image or text or another map that it zooms to. It works great for a timeline. If you create a gigapixel, you can zoom into different parts of the picture. A viewer can click on the "pins" or they can play it like a slideshow. StoryMap JR is integrated with Google Drive so students can save their images on their Google Drive. It's free and has endless possibilities of use.