Collin Dover

my book is The Scorch Trials By James Dashner

my book recommeddation to you

This book had a lot of different moods and ups and downs, I myself thought this was a very detailed book. I thought it was better than the maze runner. This book had a a lot of "WHAT" moments. I definitely recommend this book to you.

The setting of my novel

Is in between South America and North America this area is called the scorch. This is were most of the book is located when they have to run 100mi in 2 weeks. They go through a city full of cranks and meet Brenda and George. Then they go through mountains and get to the exit.

the charectors of the story


The theme of this story is to work together if you work together you can accomplish anything. I think this is the theme of the story because they all worked together and they all got through the scorch together.


The sybolism of the story was the tattoos. Not only did it tell them about there futurebut it also was part of the trial. This was onj every glader.