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GCJHS - January 18, 2022


1. NEW COVID-19 Quarantine Guidance . . . .For those of you who closely follow the guidance that we receive from the health organizations (Centers for Disease Control, State Department of Health and the Hancock County Health Department), we did receive updated guidance a week ago. This guidance makes allowances for schools to bring students and staff back from exclusions quicker than the conventional time frames. This includes individuals who have tested positive and individuals who have been identified as close contacts. You may reference these changes on our website. We began to implement these options with our staff this week, and we will roll out the changes with our student population starting January 18th. See the attached document found in the download section below for more specific details.

2. NWEA assessments for Grade 7 will start on January 20th.

  • ELA will test Jan. 20-21
  • Science will test Jan. 24-25
  • Math will test Jan. 26-27
  • Make Ups will occur through Feb. 2

3. Mark your calendars for FEBRUARY 14TH = eLearning Day. Students will not be at school that day but they will have assignments to complete virtually. All teachers in GC will be involved in Professional Development that day. Teachers will have specific office hours available to assist. More information to follow.

4. Are you in need of Food Support? Check out the Food Support Resources 2021-2022 document in the download section below to find locations and times for specific food support.

5. Quarter 2/Semester 1 Report Cards are available in your PowerSchool account.

6. NEW FROM SCHOOLHOUSE.WORLD: Free Tutoring Now Includes 1:1 Math Support Schoolhouse.world recently expanded its free, online tutoring to include 1:1 math homework support for middle and high school students. This peer tutoring is available through Zoom in 20-minute sessions from 8 to 10 p.m. ET on weekdays. This is in addition to free, small-group tutoring currently available in SAT reading, writing, and math, with a math focus on pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, pre-calculus, calculus, and statistics. Support is also available for AP courses including AP Calculus, AP Statistics, AP Chemistry, AP Biology, AP Physics, and AP Computer Science. More information on free tutoring services through Schoolhouse.world is available here.

7. Emergency building closures will be announced via School Messenger with announcements going to the numbers and emails you have entered into PowerSchool during registration. School will begin online at 10:35 when building closures necessitate virtual learning. We will use this same schedule for all emergency building closures. Please see the Weather or Announced E-Learning Schedule for GCJHS.pdf in the download section below for more details.

December's Students of the Month (selected by GCJHS Staff Members)

Carolina Sanders

Paige McCarley

Katie Rigney

Jonathon Grimes

Maycie Succaw

Jullian Anderson

Hunter Franklin

Sonnet Masters

Keegan Munden

Marli Griffin

Taylor Duncombe

Charles Murnan

Samaya Taylor

Landon Frieden

Addy Taft

Harper Rahe

Cale Caldwell

Elise Ford

Brooklyn Barnett

Mackenna Hardebeck

Savvanna Riall

Grayson Young

Alex Lawson

Nevaeh Spurling

Braden Murray

Haley Ward

Kensington Dickerson

Madilyn Moss

Josiah Johnson

Sarah Paul

BB Amissah

Peyton Cook

Nathaniel Taylor

Nick Dean

AJ Smith

Madison Crockett

Evelyn Schurger

Jonathan Grimes

Kensington Diefenderfer

National Classy Day - by Carley Cavaletto

National Classy Day - by Carley Cavaletto

FUN Facts & Crafts by Anna Lineback . . . .

Winter theme!

This week I decided to make a craft that can help keep you warm during the winter. As winter goes on it’s getting colder, so I hope this craft helps you stay warm.

No-Sew Blanket or Pillow



WELCOME TO SCHOOL LUNCH REVIEWS! MY NAME IS ANNA STUDER, AND I AM A FOOD CRITIC. I HAVE BEEN TAKING PHOTOS OF MY LUNCH SINCE THE THIRD MONDAY OF SCHOOL. I don’t want to make the lunch ladies look bad, because they have to make lunch for 600 students a day, and the government won't let them make things that they could last year, so imagine how difficult it must be. THEY WORK SO HARD, AND I JUST WANT TO ACKNOWLEDGE THAT. I HOPE YOU ENJOY!

I hope you thought my reviews were somewhat accurate! Thanks for checking out the lunch(and also restaurant) ratings by me, Anna Studer, Food Reviewer. See you next week!

Meme of the week: School Lunches around the World Top left, Greece, top right, Finland, bottom left, Italy. I think you can guess what the bottom left is…DING DING DING! USA!!!!.(also, the restaurant reviews were a limited edition type thing.if you want them back, tell me!)

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Results of Colton's most recent survey . . . .

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History Segment by Aidan Bow . . .

History Segment


January 17th 1920

On this day the 18th amendment would start after being passed in 1919 it would last till 1933 when the 21st amendment was passed making alcohol legal.



January 18

On this day all Americans will have experienced MLK day MLK was a famous social rights activist who fought for the rights of African Americans.



January 19th 1511

On this day the The Siege of Mirandola begins to end later, ending on the 20th with a French victory.



January 20th 2009

On this day the first black president Barack Obama was inaugurated and took the oath of office and became the 44th president.



January 21st 1720

On this day Prussia and Sweden signed a agreement ending their conflict in the Great Northern War a war on the northern part of Europe which continued up until 1721


Here's the schedule if we need to have a 2 Hour Delay this school year.

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Flyers & More!

Download Section = pdf.'s

Sports Calendar for GCJHS - Click here . . .

This calendar shows ALL of the current sports events scheduled for our school.