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What's New?

New media centers are popping up everywhere! The planning procedure varies from system to system. In some districts, the media specialists meet with the architects. In other districts, there is a committee that the media specialists meet with. In others, the administration takes care of it all. The final result seems to be what the architects and their designers decide upon. Hopefully, the architects strongly consider the suggestions from the media specialists who are involved.

Who's In Your Corner?

All of the media specialists who were interviewed find that their administration serves as stakeholders who they depend upon to serve as advocates for the school library media programs. Administrators are usually supportive of media specialists’ efforts to improve the curriculum and the overall atmosphere of the school.

How Can You Advocate For Your Media Program?

Media specialists were asked how they could advocate for their presence in the community and the school settings. The answers were consistent with being more visible within both the school and community and also reaching out to teachers more through faculty meetings, sporting events, and club/organizations.

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What's Next?

The most pressing concerns that remain in administering an effective and efficient library media program are budget and awareness. Budget cuts continually affect media center staff and circulation. Paraprofessionals are taken out of media centers not allowing the extra support to run an effective program, and cuts are decreasing the amount of resources that need to be updated. Also, districts are not aware of the important roles the media specialists play within a school. Until curriculum development is paralleled with media programs, administration will not see the full potential of a media center’s specialists and program.

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