Wanted: Zues

God of the Sky

Physical Appearance

-Tall muscular man

-long flowing white hair and a white beard

-Dark brown eyes

-Pinstriped suit

Last Seen

He was last seen behind Walmart loading stolen goods into a prison bus full of convicts

Reward: Become the God of the Sky

Myth Description

Title: The Titan War
Author: Ancient Greeks
Genre: Myth

Myth Summay

in fear for his throne, Kronos took to eating each one of his offspring as soon as they were born. Only Zeus escaped this fate because of his mother Rhea, who put him in a cave on the island of Krete and fed Kronos a rock instead. When Zues grew up, Zeus forced Kronos to throw up his siblings, and with an army of divine-allies, made war on the Titans and drove them into the pit of Tartaros

Wanted For

Helping prisoners escape prison and for steeling a bus from the prison and using it to steel from Walmart.