April 3, 2016

Choosing to Act

All of the work we have done with Driven by Data is fruitless unless our actions plans are implemented based on that analysis. As a reminder Paul Bambrick-Santoyo says,

"After implementing effective assessments and engaging in deep, nuanced analysis, educators face the most daunting task of all: putting their plans into practice. Although it is based on gathering information, data-drive instruction is worthless unless that information is actually employed in the classroom."

I wanted to share some examples that I saw this week where action plans were coming alive in the classroom.

Action Plans Based on Data Analysis

"Having the assessment analysis and actions plans at hand is like putting on 3-D glasses!" Paul Bambrick-Santoyo

Don't forget your 3-D glasses as you plan your lessons and engage your students in instruction this week. Have a great week!