Henrik Ibsen

By: Callie Stox

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Henrik Ibsen's early life:

  • Henrik was born on March 20th 1828 in a little town called Skien on the Norwegian seacoast
  • His dad went bankrupt and this caused Henrik to become more independent
  • He loved to write

Henrik's career:

  • Henrik got a job as a druggist at the age of 15
  • He got a travel grant to Rome and went there in 1864
  • He became a creative writer and he wrote plays and other famous scenes that involved different life situations

The end of Henriks life:

  • Henrik was involved in 50 years of being a play writer
  • Lots of his plays became very famous
  • He died in 1906 in Norway from a stroke

Micro conflicts:

  • Henrim wanted to be a doctor but his admission was denied
  • He failed Greek and Latin exams
  • He suffered a series of strokes when he died

Macro Conflicts:

  • Henriks father went bankrupt
  • He recieved a travel grant to Rome
  • He had many failures that led to famous dramas of his

Animal trait:

Henrik is like a turtle because he is very independent and he was a person that believed in solving conflicts in a peaceful way.