Franklin Chang Diaz

The Astronaut

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  • His full name is franklin Chang Diaz
  • April 5 ,1950
  • His country of origin is Costa Rica
  • Franklin is an Astronaut/engineer
  • He was the first hispanic astronaut,he tied the record for how many times he went to space and he repaired the international space station
  • Franklin Chang Diaz had a lot of contributions to his culture. One of them was he was the first hispanic to board a space shuttle and become an astronaut. He also helped the people who had chronic mental ill-ness
  • Franklin Chang Diaz is a risk taker because he is a astronaut that went on life taking trips
  • Franklin Chang Diaz was a Costa Rican who came to America in 1968 not knowing a single English world. He begged schools to enroll him there and finally he made and failed his classes in the first and second quarter. Butt in the third and fourth quarter his grades were so outstanding that he made it to college. He studied hard and became an astronaut in 1981 and tied the record for how many times going in space!Also besides his hard working he liked hiking and playing soccer.Franklin Chang Diaz was a sensational astronaut.