Romeo and Juliet Act 3 Scene 5

Bryan Clander-Soto


In this scene Romeo and Juliet finished having their fun time. Romeo finally goes off to Mantua before he gets caught and killed. Juliet ends up being sad because she feels like she will never see her love ever again. Later that morning Lady Capulet tells Juliet some news. They want Juliet to get married to Paris. Juliet refuses to marry him and doesn't tell her why. Lord Capulet finds out that Juliet doesn't want to marry Paris. Lord Capulet says that if Juliet doesn't marry Paris, then they will regret having her as their blessed child and let her die on the streets of Verona. Juliet then tells her mother if she can delay the marriage because Friar's plan will not be able to happen that quickly, but her mother doesn't want to talk to Juliet. Juliet then asks the Nurse to help her and the Nurse tells Juliet that she is better of marrying Paris because she is better than Romeo. Juliet then tells the Nurse that she is going to Friar's cell to confess and get forgiveness but she's really going to just tell Friar what is about to happen.
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Explanation for song

I chose this song because this has to do with the depression with Romeo leaving to Mantua and might not being able to ever see him again.