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Norfolk Junior High

By: Layton Petersen

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Movie Review

Happy Gilmore

By: Layton Petersen

Do you like the movie Happy Gilmore? In the movie Happy Gilmore, the actor and actresses are Happy Gilmore(Adam Sandler), Chubbs(Carl Weathers ), Shooter Mcgavin(Christopher McDonald ), Virginia Venit(Julie Bowen ), and Grandma(Frances Bay).

Happy Gilmore's grandma’s house is repossessed. Happy plays golf to earn money to buy it back. He makes a deal with Shooter McGavin that if Happy wins he will get his grandma’s house back, but if he loses he doesn't get his grandma’s house back and he has to quit golfing. The setting was at grandma’s house, the nursery, and the golf courses, and the year was 1996. The theme/moral message was to never give up even when times are difficult. The movie was rated PG-13. I Liked the movie because it was a funny comedy and I like Adam Sandler movies because he’s funny. I saw the movie and watched it over and over again, and I think that anyone with a good sense of humor will really, really enjoy this movie. If you've heard of Adam Sandler and liked his movies you’ll love this one. The other movies he’s been in are Click, Bedtime Stories, Billy Madison, Grown Ups, and Grown Ups 2.

Feature Story


by:Layton Petersen

Minecraft is like Terraria, but you can look through the character’s eyes. There is a total of twenty-two mobs altogether. There is a Super Flat Land in Minecraft where you can only dig down three blocks. Yes, Mojang is still making resource and skin packs. There is a new resource pack with redstone lanterns. If you live in the desert you will have an enderman infestation. The creator of Minecraft is Markus Persson a.k.a. Notch. Minecraft was invented on July 29, 2010. 40 players can play at a time on Minecraft on one server at a time! Instead of red-stone torches in a mine, use a regular torch because you don’t need to have red-stone which is hard to find. Yes, they are still making packs for Minecraft. There is not more than one ender dragon on the XBOX yet. Every pig’s name is Jeffrey. If you have a saddle you can ride every animal except a spider. You can have 5 enderman in a desert or in a house in a desert at the same time. I was surrounded by 10 creeper’s at the same time. Enderman are tall black creatures that when you look in their eyes, they start attacking you. Creepers are green creatures filled with TNT and when you hit them or are too close they explode and you get murdered, but if you get away in time, you’ll survive.

Nursery Rhyme News Story

Mysterious Doctor Rick Stub Well Quit his Job Miraculously!

By Layton Petersen

He went to a kid's house and was never heard from again.

Doctor Rick Stub Well heard of a kid named Billy Bob and went to his house in Apple Ville to give him a check-up. Doctor Rick Stub Well knocked on the door and walked in and saw Billy Bob eating an apple. He started walking away and started to fade away from Apple Ville forever! Billy Bob really loved the apple so he had another, and another, and another, and another! All that was left of Doctor Rick Stub Well was a head and another apple would make him vanish. Billy Bob went for the last apple and Doctor Rick Stub Well yelled, “No!”

Billy Bob heard him and didn't like Doctor Rick Stub Well because of the shots he gave Billy Bob, so Billy Bob ate the last apple and said goodbye to Doctor Rick Stub Well and he was never heard of again.

Layton's Arguement

I support the having homework argument because it shows that you know your facts. You show what you learned in class, and that you have something to do, so you're not goofing off, because I did that last year. I got in trouble and never got my homework done and had to do summer school.

Layton's Life

Layton’s Autobiography

By:Layton Petersen

Layton Petersen was a professional football player. He played at the University of Nebraska Lincoln for college and broke 2 NCAA and Nebraska records. He lived in Lincoln in the suburbs. He was married and had one child named Justin Petersen. He worked at Walmart for his first job and was a cashier. He went to the Norfolk Senior High and played High School football and was an all American and was in the school’s Yearbook. He went to Northeast Community College and he majored in Math. He practiced hard and fought hard and he broke those records as a quarterback. He retired from the NFL at age 32. He opened his own restaurant called All Stars. Layton became rich and sold it for $200,000. Then he bought a house in the city and lived there till he died at age 82.

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