Security Services Provider

Servicing Clients with High Risk

Arksego Nigeria Limited is a Nigerian owned security services provider, located in Lagos, Nigeria with other operations across the country. Arksego has over 6,000 employees servicing a wide ranging clientele base in the oil and gas field, banking, telecommunications, the commercial sector, and various other companies who work in fields where their employees operate either with high-risk assets or in high-risk environments.

Arksego Nigeria Limited - Integrated Security Systems

Arksego Nigeria is a highly reputable, Nigerian owned security services provider who is experts in security risk management. The company was founded in 1980 in Lagos, Nigeria, where it’s headquarters are still located today, as a security provider that focused on security risk management. Since then, the company has grown. They now employ over 6,000 people and provide a variety of security services that can be tailor made to fit clients needs, based on the project.

Arksego can offer bodyguards and security officers to private individuals, public officials, government agencies, and businesses. These bodyguards and security officers can perform a wide variety of security services depending on the clients security needs. Arksego Nigeria Limited’s major client base comes from the oil and gas field, banking, telecommunications, the commercial sector, and government organizations.

One of the more modern services that Arksego Nigeria Limited now offers is their integrated electronic security system, also known as ESS. Arksego’s team will design install and integrate an electronic security system into your facility. The system will monitor for fires and intruders and will be monitored by an Arksego team themselves, although Arksego is also capable of training a facilities staff to operate and monitor the system themselves. This system is beneficial because it allows Arksego to offer both a human touch and electronic surveillance option to their security services. This is also beneficial for companies who need protection of their facilities 24/7. The core elements of this system are risk assessment and system design, procurement and supply of project electronic components, installation and commissioning, and maintenance and an inspection servicing contract.

Arksego Nigeria Limited - Providing Security Services Since 1980

Arksego Nigeria Limited is a security service provider headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria. The company is Nigerian owned but frequently uses the services of international third parties who have experience and expertise in dealing with international companies who need security services. Arksego was formed in 1980 with its core service surrounding around security risk management. The core principal was to provide and educate clients on security risk and management and mitigate that risk and future risks.

Since 1980, the company has grown to become the leading security service provider in Nigeria. Arksego Nigeria Limited now has a regional headquarter situated in every state of Nigeria. Those offices are located in Abuja, Port Harcourt, Calabar Ibadan, Warri, Kano, Maiduguri, and Jos. The company employs 6,000 people across the country in large part thanks to the growth and spread of business in Nigeria and because of the additional security services now provided by Arksego.

Arksego is capable of serving private individuals, public officials, businesses, and government agencies with security services. Those services can be broken up into segments. Those segments are manned guarding services, security risk management, implementing integrated electronic security systems, asset tracking and management, and security training and education some of which is certified by SAFE, Ltd. These services allow Arksego Nigeria Limited to operate in high risk and volatile environments where clients need security service.

Arksego’s client base largely derives from the oil and gas industry, banking, telecommunication, the commercial sector, and government agencies. These clients require Arksego Nigeria Limited’s service because said client either has an asset or employee that is high risk or is in a high-risk environment.