Weekly RoaR!

Week ending January 16, 2015

Happy Birthday to YOU!

Jan. 20 - Diane Elderbroom

Jan. 22 - Jennifer Potts

Jan. 24 - Kalie Sires

And a happy HALF birthday to...

July 20 - Jennifer Henard

Dates to Remember

Jan. 19 - No school for students and most teachers

Jan. 20 - Grit Day - Jeans Day!

Jan. 20 - Pollitte's Baby Shower - Take 2!

Jan. 21 - KC Club Meeting

Jan. 23 - DinoBeat (Nine Week Recognitions), Recess & Duty Coverage, PTA Dollar Days: Pajamas, & PTA Movie Night: The Boxtrolls

Jan. 20 - 30 - MOY AIMSWeb Window

Upcoming Learning Opportunity

Another edCamp is coming to the area on Saturday, February 21 from 8:00 to 3:30.

#edCampAwesome will be held at Royse City High School in Royse City. It is being led by some pretty great people, who did an amazing job last year.

Here's the website to reserve your free ticket, as well as the website with more event information.


As a campus, we want to model appropriate and respectful expectations for listening to others. During announcements, please ensure that your students:

  • are seated.
  • are not bringing the lunch tote to the cafeteria.
  • are not going to the library.
  • are not traveling to the office, unless there is an emergency.
  • are silent.

Remind students that this is a time in which Ms. Duvall and announcers lead us in the pledges, fill us in about important information, and help to get our day started on the right foot.

Purposeful Talk

Just a reminder that our Fundamental 5 foci are purposeful talk and utilizing the power zone to reach our students.

Purposeful talk is really quite easy to integrate into the classroom. Planning and being intentional with your seed questions can help this time to be more fruitful for your students. Once you have your talking points, then you can introduce questions for discussion through:

  • small groups/table groups
  • turn & talks
  • teach-okays - SWITCH

I know some concerns with purposeful talk is that the students will not discuss what they are supposed to be discussing. (Shocker, right?) Setting clear expectations and then "popping" into the discussions randomly will help students to stay on track.

Allowing kids to talk to their peers about what is being taught helps to solidify their understanding of new concepts, plus it gives them an opportunity to construct and refine their understandings of language. Win-win!

Run, Hide, Fight!

As a follow up from our WTG Wednesday meeting last week, Amy Hillin has shared a video in regards to her closing point of how to react in case of an open shooter and/or intruder. Please watch this at your earliest convenience.
RUN. HIDE. FIGHT.® Surviving an Active Shooter Event - English

Enjoy your long weekend!