5th Grade

Keefe, Kingsley & Ward

Upcoming Events

September 28th: Boosterthon Pep Rally (1:00 pm) - More information to come

September 29th: Punch Club Celebration

October 1: Parent meeting regarding new report cards at 6:00 PM

October 8th: Boosterthon Funrun (12:45 pm-1:45 pm)- More information to come

October 8th: Grand Opening of the new addition to Horizon - 5:30 - 7:00 PM

October 9th: No School


It has been a busy week, MAP testing is complete and journals are being creativity decorated! Our 1st student-teacher conference is wrapping up and a guide to "reading material appropriate for you" gave them guidance in choosing a "just right" book. We will begin to examine examples of great reading responses so we are not "retelling" the story but digging deeper into the book for a stronger understanding. "Blooming vocabulary" this week are the following: gaze, shiver, grizzled ,mournful, harsh and scarred.

Please make sure your child is reading nightly. In our discussions this week, many children were honest and said they are not reading nightly. Please help support this positive, researched-based activity. The goal for September is 30 minutes per day! How do we get better at anything? PRACTICE, PRACTICE AND MORE PRACTICE!!


Last week, our writing focus was generating ideas for powerful personal narrative stories. This week, we began to write these story ideas while focusing on point of view and self-assessing their own progress as an author.

We had our first spelling test this week on Friday. The spelling, grammar, and vocab packet was due the Thursday prior and a new one will be handed out at the beginning of next week. Students will always have roughly two weeks to complete the packet. In each packet there will be a letter to parents to guide you in a spelling activity with your child at home. Please ask them to review the packet with you and engage them in this activity (it requires your help!). Thank you for your support at home.


Our classes used whiteboards and markers to draw improper fractions and mixed numbers all week. Click on the link below to see some of the visual models that our classes made. Next week we will be adding and subtracting fractions and mixed numbers with unlike denominators.

Please make sure you take a look at your child's Math Take Home Folder and sign the sheet inside. This week you will see homework, class activities and our first quiz in their folders. Remember to please take the sheets out before returning it with your child.

Social Studies

This week we began the true routine of Social Studies class which includes geography skills, current events, history and much more! This week students learned about the Colombian Exchange and its causes and effects.


Bacteria, scavengers, fungi, and decomposers! What do they all have in common? Besides the fact that theses are the organisms that we will be studying this year, they are all organisms that help work as nature's recyclers. We started looking at dung beetles and worms this week. Dung beetles are scavengers that find their food and nutrients from dead animals. When dung beetles are done with organic remains, worms, or decomposers, come and break down the remains even further.

Next week we are going to take a closer look at worms and their role in decomposition.

Accelerated Math - Mrs. Quick

This week in math, we added and subtracted mixed numbers with different denominators. Not only did students find common denominators and convert improper fractions from their mixed number sums (since the fraction parts added up to be greater than one), they also ungrouped fractions when subtracting. In the real world problems that we are solving, students have had to determine which operation to use based on keywords from the problem. We’ve also been double checking to make sure that our answers are simplified and reasonable!
Band Practice Schedule

Please help us out by looking into your student's band schedule. Remind them of the day of the week they have practice and the time. Next week will be the "black week."