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January 8, 2016

Happy New Year, Herons! We are back into the swing of things! Spring semester will be here before we know it. Just a reminder there will not be regular class connects next week. Learning labs will remain open.

Now that January is here there is always the chance of inclement weather. With inclement weather comes school closings for many areas around the state. Cyber Academy doesn't have snow days due to being virtual; however if you are without power or internet please contact your homeroom teacher to let them know your situation.

Learning labs will be closed if local school districts are closed or on a delay. Please be safe, as always, when traveling to the learning labs. If you don't feel safe you may let your homeroom teacher or learning lab teacher know that you are unable to make it, and it will be excused.

Testing, Testing New Dates Announced!

Mark your calendars

Please remember that these testing dates are mandatory for all students at CASC. Make sure to check your gradebands for the required state testing for your grade. Please contact your homeroom teacher if you have any questions.

March 7 ~ACT WorkKeys (HS third year students)

April 26-28~SC Ready (3rd -8th grade students)

May 10-12 ~EOCs (HS students- Alg 1, Eng 1, Bio, US History, Possibly Eng. 2 and Geometry)

May 11-12 ~Science, Social Studies (4th-8th grade students)

May 18th ~DRA Kindergarten Assessment (K students)

Want to help make Cyber Academy the BEST virtual option in SC?

We need your help!

Please help us know what would make Cyber Academy even better for you! We have created a short survey to help us reflect on as we plan for semester 2. Your few minutes could make a big difference for our school. Let us know what you think and what works best for you and your family. We will be doing a drawing for those that fill out the survey. Thank you!

Gingerbread Outings

What a wonderful time everyone had at the Gingerbread outings around the state. The gingerbread houses were fantastic and it was wonderful to have a nice way to get into the break with a social gathering. Make sure to RSVP for our January 22nd outings at museums around the state.

We also collected letters for soldiers during our December outing. Our service project made an impact to those who reflected on how thankful we are for our troops as well as those that received the letters. Thank you to all who participated.

Journey To CASC Family Highlight

Heron families have shared so many wonderful stories with us about Cyber Academy has made a difference in their families lives. We have chosen, with the permission of the families, to share some of the stories with the rest of the school. Would you like to submit your story?

Journey to CASC Submission Form

"Gage is a very intelligent child, but he has always struggled through school due to circumstances beyond his control. When it was time to start high school, I had visions of him getting lost among the thousands of kids that would attend the same high school. Having ADD myself and not being diagnosed until I was in my 30's, I didn't want him to have the same miserable high school experience I had. Gage has always wanted to home school but with my working it seemed to be an unrealistic goal. This seemed to be a good compromise. Even though it has proved to be hard work for BOTH of us, our overall experience has been positive."

We are so thankful for Gage and his family being a part of our school. We are so happy that we can provide a school that is challenging yet a successful option for their family.

Did you get a chance to view this video? You don't want to miss it! A Day in the Life of a CASC Student!

Have you ever wondered about what a day in the life of another CASC student looks like? Check out this amazing video from one of our super stars- Kathryn L. Thanks to Katheryn and her mom for sharing their video!
A Day in the Life of a CASC Student

January Outing!

Come join other CASC families for our January Museum Days on January 22nd from 10am-12pm.

We are going to kick off School Choice Week (January 24th-30th) by celebrating our flexibility to bring education to life and visit museums around the state. Most of these museums are free for students but please see below for specific information for each location.

You may RSVP below.

Set yourself up for Success with Learning Labs!

How can you ensure that you are successful at our learning labs? Make sure that you bring any necessary materials that you will need while you are at the lab. Many students feel more comfortable bringing their own laptops. That is wonderful! We do have computers that you are able to use at the labs, if needed. Make sure to bring any books or notebooks so that you can use those while at the lab. This will help teachers direct you to the correct information and be able to help you achieve success.

Do you want to check out one of our labs? Click here to sign up for a location near you. We hope you are able to join us at a location near you soon.

Please remember that these are weekly appointments. This allows students to work closely with the facilitating teacher throughout the year. Attendance is important for the success of this program. We do have a wait list for each location and will contact you as soon as a space becomes available if your location is full.

In the best interest of students and learning teams we are requesting that Learning Coaches stay with Kindergarten through Second grade students during learning lab time. This will allow the teacher to support both learning coach and student with the system and strategies for the teams to use at home.

Please reach out to your homeroom teacher if you have any questions.

Virtual Learning Lab

Are you stuck on a problem? Having trouble with an assignment? Need a little extra help right away? Don't worry CASC has you covered! Come visit our virtual learning labs!

Virtual learning labs are a wonderful opportunity for students to get support with their subjects when they need it. We have teachers standing by to support students from 10:00am-12:00pm Tuesday and Thursday. Check for the link to join the session in your class connect schedule.

Please reach out to your homeroom teacher if you have any questions.

Heron Shout Out!

Jabri B. has done a FANTASTIC job completing all of his Study Island assignments.

Dates to write down

Jan 11-15 Complete your midyear iready testing in Math and English

Jan 11-15 No content class connect sessions

Jan 18 No School

Feb 15th No school

March 7 ACT WorkKeys (HS third year students)

Mar 25-April 1 Spring Break

April 26-28 SC Ready (3rd -8th grade students)

May 10-12 EOCs (HS students- Alg 1, Eng 1, Bio, US History, Possibly Eng. 2 and Geometry)

May 11-12 Science, Social Studies (4th-8th grade students)

May 18th DRA Kindergarten Assessment (K students)


High School

The end of the semester is January 15th. All work must be submitted by that date. Please check your grade book to see what assignments you are missing. You can use the time over Winter Break to get complete missing work. You can always reach out to you teachers for advice or help.


WorkKeys Window for 3rd year HS students- March 7th

EOCs (HS students- Alg 1, Eng 1, Bio, US History, Possibly Eng. 2 and Geometry) May 10-12

Middle School

· Complete all work on the Not Mastered Tab in every course.

· All classes should be 50% complete.

· Complete all assignments in Study Island. If they are not completed a 0 will be entered in the gradebook.

· Check kmails from your teachers and be sure you have completed all work for Semester 1.

Teachers webpages

Be sure to check Study Island daily! Learning Coaches: Click here for a video on how to help your student be successful with Study Island.

Testing Dates:

April 26-28 SC Ready (3rd -8th grade students)

May 11-12 Science, Social Studies (4th-8th grade students)

Elementary School

All students need to log into Study Island and complete their weekly assignments (remember Study Island is required and part of your grade.)

Keep up the good work and reach out to your teacher if you need help with anything.

Testing Dates:

April 26-28 SC Ready (3rd -8th grade students)

May 11-12 Science, Social Studies (4th-8th grade students)

May 18th DRA Kindergarten Assessment (K students)

Family Resource Coordinator

Aisha Lake, Social Worker

Greetings CASC Family …

Happy “2016”, I Hope things are continuing to going well for you here at CASC, and that you are starting fresh with the New Year and new possibilities…

I wanted to remind, that I am always just a phone call, kmail, or email away. If you need assistance, support, or just need to talk, please feel free to reach out to me and would love to work with you!

Aisha Lake

Family Resource Coordinator

K12 puts together a wonderful newsletter for learning coaches. Check January's edition out for great ideas and resources.

Learning Coach University

Learning Coach Opportunities

Have you taken advantage of any of the recent Learning Coach University Workshops? These are WONDERFUL ways to learn great tips and make connections. These workshops are great for engaging you and your role as a learning coach.

Check them out on your own schedule- Recordings

Helpful Hints to being a successful Heron

Wondering if the OLS or NOHS is down or if it is just your internet or computer? Try this link: http://www.isitdownrightnow.com/k12.com.html It will let you know!

Choosing a Novel: Does your student need to choose a novel for their literature class? The link above provides valuable information about how to make the section.

Learning Coach Video Support: Are you a visual learner? This will help you with many questions that you might have!

Computer Questions? This link has a ton of trouble shooting ideas for you!

Locating Student ID#: From the LC page, go to "My Info" and then "School" and you can locate it on the top right side.

7 Strategies for Student Success

CASC Strong Start Website- This is a wonderful resource for new and returning families. It is full of resources and suggestions for both students and learning coaches.

Learning Liftoff is a great newsletter for K12 parents that provides games and other resources for virtual families.

Fire Drill- Did you get an error message when trying to access coursework or classes?
Check out the Fire Drill page for ideas of what to do when technology doesn't go our way.

Are you looking for South Carolina Standards? Here is a wonderful website that lists what students are supposed to know in each grade.

Please make sure that you check your announcements in the OLS and OHS to stay up to date with the latest CASC information.


We use our Cyber Academy of South Carolina Facebook page to communicate with our students and families about many opportunities. We post outing pictures and other engagement opportunities for students around the state. Please make sure to "like" our page so that you are kept up to date on everything with Cyber Academy!

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