The War of 1812

Causes of the war:

  • Impressment continues - British block American ships to Europe (Blockade)
  • Native Americans - Instigated by the british they attack the eastern borders of Louisiana.
  • Tecumseh attempt to unite tribes in Indiana Territory to fight. - William Henry Harrison stops the rebellion at the battle of Tippecanoe.
  • War Hawks - Henry Clay

- John C. Calhoun

~Encouraging war with Britain.

~ War for Americans honor.

~ Gain Canada.

Battle Regions:

  • Invasion of Canada - Miserable failure.
  • Naval Battles - "old ironsides" sinks British ships.

- American success.

- British blockade still a problem.

  • Chesapeake campaign - British march through Washington D.C and burn down the white house.
- Fort McHenry.

- Francis Scott Key --> Star Spangled Banner.

  • Southern campaign - Andrew Jackson.
- Horseshoe Bend.

- Battle of New Orleans.

Effects of the war:

  • U.S gains respect as a Nation.
  • U.S respects Canada as a British neighbor.
  • Native Americans lose power and land.
  • U.S builds a lot of factories (industrialize)
  • War heroes arise - Jackson and Harrison.
  • Strong feeling of nationalism.