Lebanon County Reopening of Schools

Lebanon School District

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Message from the Superintendent.

Lebanon School District Plans for Reopening

Lebanon County Reopening of Schools

Dear Families of the Lebanon School District,

The superintendents of the six public school districts in Lebanon County have been working collaboratively throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. As we continue to prepare for the reopening of school for in person instruction, the six county school districts remain committed to protecting the health and safety of our students, staff, and our school communities as we provide exceptional learning opportunities for our students.

After reviewing guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, World Health Organization , the Pennsylvania Departments of Health and Education, information from the American Association of Pediatrics and other relevant information, the superintendents have created a list of guiding principles that apply to the reopening of our schools. These general guiding principles have been developed in consultation with Mr. Bob Dowd from Lebanon County Department of Emergency Services and Dr. Jun Chon from WellSpan Health and represent our best thinking at this time. Please note: individual school district health and safety plans will address the fine details of local plans which reflect local context, and all plans are subject to change as guidance changes.

  1. Symptom screening of children will be conducted by all parents/guardians at home each morning before the school day. No children with symptoms shall be sent on a bus or brought to school;
  2. All district staff will perform a symptom screen on themselves prior to leaving for work, and will stay home if ill;
  3. Temperature screening will not be required upon entrance to school for students or staff;
  4. Students and staff will consistently be made aware of the signs and symptoms of COVID-19;
  5. Students and staff will go to the nurse immediately if feeling symptomatic;
  6. As per the order of July 1, 2020 from the Department of Health, face coverings are required of students with certain specific exemptions when social distancing cannot be maintained. The details of the order and exemptions can be found at the following links: July 1 PA Department of Health Order; July 6 PA Department of Education;
  7. Social distancing, to the maximum extent possible, will be used in all learning spaces;
  8. All high-touch surfaces will be cleaned regularly, including water filling stations, door handles, light switches, and student desks. Students and staff will be encouraged to use individual water bottles from home;
  9. All individuals in school will sanitize or wash their hands on a frequent basis. Hand sanitizer will be made available in all common areas, hallways, and/or in classrooms where sinks for hand-washing are not available;
  10. Classrooms and common areas will be ventilated with additional circulation of outdoor air when possible;
  11. High-traffic hallway use will be limited, when feasible; and
  12. In cafeterias, seating arrangements will be reviewed to avoid overcrowding at tables. Individuals will be required to sanitize or wash their hands prior to, and after, eating.

These guiding principles are based on information that we currently have and are subject to change. We firmly believe that the best educational model is one that includes face-to-face instruction. Returning to school is vitally important, and doing so responsibly and safely is paramount.

Dr. Krista Antonis, Superintendent

Annville-Cleona School District

Dr. Arthur Abrom, Superintendent

Lebanon School District

Dr. Philip Domencic, Superintendent

Cornwall Lebanon School District

Dr. Gary Messinger, Superintendent

Northern Lebanon School District

Mrs. Julia Vicente, Superintendent

ELCO School District

Dr. Bernie Kepler, Superintendent

Palmyra School District