Michael Dell

Dell Computers

5 Facts to Know

  • Dell was the youngest person to ever head a Fortune 500 company
  • Dell had a paper route in high school that he changed to cater to more people which he made $18,000 off of
  • Mike started PC's limited after dropping out of college in 1984 and made $6 million in his first year
  • In 1993 his sales hit more than $2 billion in just that year
  • During late 1993 Dell's stock went down from $49 to $16, but by 2003 he recovered and his sales had reached a peak of $40 million a day

Background and Turning Point

Dell was selling computers he made out of his college dorm in Texas University for 15% less than the big companies. He was kicked out of his dorm by his roommates, so he dropped out of college after freshman year and started his own company called PC's limited.

Personal Characteristics and Opinion

Dell never gave up on his idea, even when his parents wanted to make him a doctor he went his own way. He was very smart and understood computers well so he started making his own computers. He also was very good at business and began his own business at age 12 selling stamps out of a mail order catalogue.

I think he was successful because he never stopped thinking about how he could make money. Even at young ages he was going out of his way to try to make money and using initiative and stayed motivated even when times got bad.

Computer pioneer Michael Dell looks to the future