Tropical Wet Climate

by: Rielee Achtemeier


This climate is located within 25 degrees of the equator. Big areas of this climate are in Brazil, Congo, Indonesia, and Philippines.


Well since this is a wet climate, it's pretty obvious that they get a lot of rain. Precipitation in these parts can be as low as 100 inches/year, or as high as 300 inches/year.

Weather Factors

The reasoning for this extremely miserable and wet climate, has to do with a lot of things. First off, the fact that its so close to the equator, it's always really really hot. And because it's so hot, it causes all the moisture to stay there... The moisture stays there because of the dense trees. Once more, because it's so hot, it creates a never ending cycle of sticky air, and rainy weather.


There is one season. Hot & wet. Miserable.
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Since this climate receives roughly the same amount of sunlight year round, the temperature stays about the same all the time. The average temperature is around 80 degrees.