January 15, 2016


I am sure that your child has come home all excited this week about what they are learning to do on their new computer. I am excited as I learn new ways to integrate reading and writing as well as math and research into our day using the computers.

There is 1 thing I need to ask and that is for every student to have earbuds or headphones. Students will be working at various rates as they complete assignments, which sometimes involves sound. They will be doing Lexia at least 2 times a week at school and Lexia involves sound. In order for the students to be able to work without disturbing others with the noise coming from their computers, they will need earbuds or headphones.

My daughter got a pair of earbuds with extra coverings in a small container for $1 at the Dollar Store. She uses them daily and they are still working. If your child already has a pair, please send them. If you know you are not going to be able to get a pair by next Wednesday, please let me know so I can see what I can do about getting some. Remember that I do not expect you to think you need to go out and purchase an expensive pair.


I hope you will have a conversation with your child during this long weekend about what new skills they have learned on the computer this week. I am super excited because the more competent they are in accessing the programs and assignments while they are in 4th, the more successful and confident they will be in 5th when asked to use the computers.

This week students have been able to log into 2 different programs and see assignments and independently complete the assignments. For example, before writing their OPINION PAPER on Zoos, they were able to log into Canvas, answers a question about their thoughts on Zoos(before doing more research) and submit it to me. They did a great job and this allowed them to practice responding to a question and writing(typing) in complete sentences. Though I only graded content, this was good practice with writing sentences. I then was able to give them a grade and give immediate feedback through a my comments about their response.

Next, the students followed a link to written articles on the Pros and Cons of Zoos and took notes on paper. These notes will help them in writing their paper next week. They also watched a short video interview and responded to questions about the interview.

Next week they will log into Canvas again and choose 2 additional resources to read or watch and take notes on them before writing their paper.

When they write their paper they have to use information and comments directly from these resources to support their writing.

Students also practiced taking a reading test and a Geometry test using a county provided resource.

Famous Quotes by Martin Luther King

The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

LEXIA and Improved Reading Levels on Benchmark

We have about 6 students who have competely finished Lexia Core!! So proud of their hard work. If your child has not finished Lexia and if you have Internet, please consider having your child spend some time working on Lexia. It is my goal for 100% of the students who have not finished Lexia to reach their weekly goal on Lexia EVERY week, even if we are out of school for snow days, holidays and work days. I have been doing benchmarks to monitor reading growth. So far, each student I have benchmarked has made growth. I believe the growth is linked to the amount of times spent on Lexia. Thank you for supporting your child's education by making sure they complete Lexia at home.