Nelson Mandela and F.W. DeKlerk

And what they did to help stop Apartheid

What life was like under Apartheid.

Life during the time where Apartheid was most common was like a horrible nightmare. Whites and Blacks ( asians, and colored ) were always separated. For instance the waiting rooms were separated, the post offices, the entrances to markets or restraunts. Also it was a time where there were a lot of violent influenced things against the blacks, asians and colored. They would be beat to death for the most smallest things.

Images of Apartheid

What was Mandela's role in ending apartheid?

Mandelas role in ending Apartheid was to convince people to rise up against the unjust laws that were against his people. Mandela was an inspiring black leader to his people. He helped his people gain enough confidence to protest, even though there were deadly concequences to these protests.
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What life is like today

Life today is more peaceful then before. People are nicer to each other and respect each other more than ever. Even though there is very few people that dislike the idea of every one getting along, I still think that the world is a lot more peaceful.

What was DeKlerks role in abolishing apartheid?

DeKlerks role in abolishing apartheid was to stop it. Because at first he sided with apartheid, then he found out that he had sided with the wrong side and decided to do the right thing and go against it.
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