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What Happened Last Week

  1. Topographic Map Exploration: Students continued to explore topographic maps by examining USGS maps of Hicksville, Fort Wayne, Defiance, Oxford (Ohio), Lake Erie Islands, and The Grand Canyon.
  2. Topographic Map Play-Doh Mountain Lab: On Wednesday, students designed play-doh mountains to use in developing a topographic map. Check out some of the student designed mountains in the photo gallery below!
  3. Graded Work: Students earned points this week through a set of topographic map practice questions (9 points), Play-Doh Mountain Lab (10 points), Explore Learning Topographic Map Gizmo (15 points), and a Topographic Map Quiz (8 points). All assignments have been graded and entered into PowerSchool.
  4. Test Review: Students were provided with a test review guide on Friday (12/5) to be completed for homework. The unit test is scheduled for Tuesday (12/9).

What to Expect this Week

  1. Test Review: Students will participate in a whole class test review on Monday (12/8) in preparation for the unit test on Tuesday (12/9). A practice test and answer key have been posted to My Big Campus for student use.
  2. Unit Test: Students will complete the Earth's Surface Unit Test on Tuesday (12/9), focusing on weathering, erosion, deposition, glaciers, meandering streams, and topographic maps. All students should have the following items to use as they study: notes, test review guide, and practice test (posted to My Big Campus).
  3. Introduction to Relative Age of Rock Layers: To finish the week, students will explore how scientists determine the relative age of sedimentary rock layers. By Friday, students should be able to identify and explain what layer of sedimentary rock is the youngest and the oldest in a given image. To help explain this idea, I have the students consider their laundry basket. Where are the clothes from the beginning of the week relative to the clothes from yesterday? Most students will answer that the clothes from the beginning of the week are on the bottom, while the clothes from yesterday are on the top. The same idea applies with sedimentary rock layers, with the oldest rocks on the bottom and the youngest rocks on the top.

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