Survival Guide for swelteringShara

by Ethan Schultz

Facts of Sweltering Shara

The plane probably crashed at west Africa.It is temperate,because its cold and hot.Don't forget that you need a lot of water, and blankets.Most of the time its really hot.

4 Steps to survive at the Sweltering Sahara

1. You have to eat and drink a lot.Certain kind of foods like healty stuff, and water.

2.You most of the time have to buy and get your own stuff to survive,and get a air conditioner.

3.You need to exercise a lot to get strong and look good,junk food will make it worse sometimes.

4.You have to drink at some point or you will die from deyhydration.


It can be used for cleaning.It is edible.It can burn down houses,and fires.It is not poison.
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