In Greenland it is really cold. Their climate is the Polar zone. It is the coldest part of the world. The Polar zone is up the very top of the world and the very bottom of the world. It snows most of the year.


Their are lots of plants that live in Greenland like flowers, tall trees and bushes. The vegetation changes every season. The plants that actually grow in Greenland is the Arctic Willow, Bearberry, Arctic Poppy, Cotton Grass and Purple Saxifrage.


Their are lots of animals in Greenland like polar bears, deer, arctic foxes, seals and penguins. Most of the animals in Greenland have fur because it snows lots in Greenland, and it is really cold. Also most of them are carnivores because they mainly eat warm food so the keep warm.

Human Inpacks

Good: Nearly 40% of Greenland is protected.

Bad: Hunting is bad in Greenland because there's not much food in their country. Also if the ice melted it will effect the plants.