Final Science Smore for 2014-2015

Reflections, Requests, Resources (Grants, Articles & More)

Reflections from the 2014-2015 School Year

1) Overall synopsis-By most accounts, this school year seemed to move very quickly and was positive overall. I would say that I concur with those sentiments. There will be some inevitable changes within your schools and/or departments next year. Whether you are returning next year or passing along the torch for whatever reason:

Thank you so much for your dedication & service!

2) Time-There never seems to be enough of it. Ever.

We all have our specific roles within the profession as well as our lives in general. Summer will indubitably go by quickly and I hope that you try to take some time for yourself/family/friends each day.

You will also certainly reflect upon your 2014-2015 school year. Some items to consider: *What were your areas of success?

*Perceived needs for improvement?

*How you can make the adjustments you deem necessary?

*What support is needed to assist you in accomplishing your goals?

*Can I be a valuable resource in your objective/(s)?

*Colleague whose teaching style you admire?

*Your mentor?

Take the opportunity to seize the moment at the beginning of the 2015-2016 school year and get the conversations started. You won't regret it!

3) Money-There never seems to be enough of it. Ever.

Please refer to the grant opportunities hyper-linked below as part of this newsletter. We could all use more resources and professional development opportunities and there are some helpful avenues out there!

4) Outlook-Professional Development & CEU opportunities will be readily available next year. Besides the 2.1 possible CEU's that can be earned from the C & I Fair and half-day optional teacher workday sessions, the seven below Science PLC meetings add another 1.4 CEU's as a possibility for extended earnings.

**Therefore, you could earn up to 3.5 CEU's during the 2015-2016 School year!**

Science PLC Mtgs 2015-2016 (Selected Thursdays from 4pm-6pm at the PDC)








**Please note: You must earn 1.0 CEU's or greater for the credits to register (anything less than 1.0 does not count at the end of the year. For example, if an individual were to solely attend the C & I Fair for 0.6 CEU's, that would not round up to 1.0 CEU's total and it therefore wouldn't count for any CEU credit.

Hope to see you at some of these events!


1) Textbook Rebinds-Please keep track of the books in-house that need some care and make sure they are serviced. Budgets don't offer much flexibility for replacement as it relates to these high-priced resources. Also, please be mindful of this important issue as books that should be sent in to be rebound are commonly neglected. Thank you!

2) Chemical disposals-Please see the data below for the information that I currently have. Should anything change at your location, I would appreciate communication to that effect as this likely will be implemented from 06/22 to 06/25. Thank you!

The following schools do not have any items for removal-06/2015:




South Providence



The following schools have the listed number of boxes requiring removal-06/2015:

Forest Hills-4 Boxes

Marvin Ridge-3 Boxes, 1 fused beaker to remove

Parkwood-Approx. 3 Boxes

Piedmont-12 Boxes

Porter Ridge-3 Boxes

Sun Valley-7 Boxes

3) Not quite subliminal messages-There are two universal messages embedded within this newsletter....hope you get to see one first-hand as you vacation & hope to see you personally at the other message being communicated! :>)

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1) General grants for NC instructors:

2) Bright Ideas grants:

3) North Carolina Environmental Education Grants:


1) Population Education:

Click on the 'Curriculum' tab and you can sign up to get a wealth of free resources.

2) Need Scientific Research articles for classroom curriculum extensions?

EBSCO (hyper-linked) & School Media Resources for use from each school's website:

Steps to access other Scientific articles, journal resources, etc....

1) Go to your school's homepage

2) Click on your school's Media Center link. The layout of these vary slightly based on the various high school's pages. There is a wealth of helpful database info. listed there--please utilize these resources!

Have an awesome summer everyone & see you in August!


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