Specialist Newsletter March

Mrs. Ackroyd- Art

Art class has returned to Blackburn! We are excited to draw, paint, color, and create!

Upcoming art shows:

2016 Paul Whitener Student Art Show at the Hickory Museum of Art,March 9th through 20th

CCS Spring Art Show at Valley Hills Mall, May 5th through 15th

Mr. Morrell- Physical Education

As the year goes by, we work on many new activities just before spring break. We have just finished up with Badminton and Hula Hoop skills and activities then did fitness stations that worked on the physical fitness test exercises, jump roping, cup stacking, scarf juggling, basketball dribbling and shooting. We are now doing Golf Putting and Chipping along with individual and team Volleyball. Our health topic is personal health which deals with sickness, care and prevention along with personal injury and safety.

Mrs. Vue and Ms. Shook- ESL

Mrs. Vue and Ms. Shook's students are learning about Mexico, Laos and Korea. We are preparing for Cultural Day. The students will search for information on their country, be prepared to present the material to an audience, and create art. The student's are asked to wear their native clothing on Cultural day and perform talents they may have.

Mrs. Elliott and Mrs. Donadio- Title 1

For Kindergarten, 5th and 6th grade we are doing daily inclusion activities with specific students to sharpen their skills.

First grade is working on sequencing a text. They read a leveled text and sequenced the story using a graphic organizer.

Second grade is working on using text evidence to answer comprehension questions based on what they read. We have read non-fiction texts on Dinosaurs, visiting a Dairy Farm, and a fable on How Bear Lost his Tail.

Third graders have been focusing on Non-Fiction text. We have concentrated on using captions, diagrams, and photos to gain more understanding on what we have read about. We have been working on chain of events, comparing and contrasting, and working on our writing skills.

Our fourth graders have had a good time reading an informational text on Duct Tape and experimenting with its uses. One group has recently started a chapter book study on Cobras. We will compare and contrast fiction and non fiction elements of these texts and learn about text features.

Fifth graders have been reading the novel, "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory". We are focusing on character traits and adjectives for each of the main characters and are creating a character wheel. Other fifth graders are reading about the Black Rhino and creating a fold able to go with it.

Sixth grade has been reading " The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe". Along with character traits, we are also focusing on the good vs. evil plot element of the text.

Other sixth graders a re reading "Freaky Friday". They are practicing summarizing text after each chapter.

Remember to READ, READ, READ with and to your child! They are never too old!

Mrs. Schlagenhauf- Music

Music students have been demonstrating various Tempos’ (speed of the beat) and Dynamics (loud and soft) in music class. We are singing lots of songs that use these musical concepts. We have been busy learning and composing songs for our Leadership Performance in April.

Recorders, Choirchimes and Handbells are learning songs to perform in the hallways and for our Leadership Performance in April.

Leadership Performance

Friday, April 29th, 6pm

Blackburn Elementary School, Newton, NC, United States

Newton, NC

Every Grade level will be performing alone and together

Come learn about our Seven Habits!

Mrs. Hudson- Media Center

There are lots of things going on in our media center!

Our new tables and chairs have arrived and are set up in our Maker Space area! Stop by and check them out!

Our Maker Space area is now ready to be utilized- classes will start signing up to use the Maker Space tubs next week.

Our Reading Garden will be open after Spring break and our new Google Tablets are loaded with science apps that are ready to be used in our garden.

I am hoping to implement another Coding Club session! We currently meet on Tuesday afternoons, and there are about 30 1st-6th graders. I will make an announcement on the Daily News Show with information about dates and times for those who are interested.

A BIG thank you to the coaches at Mt. View Rec for their donation! I am purchasing Lego Baseplates to make a Lego wall in the Media Center.

Shout out the the Battle of the Books team who competed in the Catawba County Battle of the Books competition last week at the Hickory Metro convention Center. Blackburn is proud of their dedication and effort to this!

Thanks to all of or volunteers who help make the book fair a success last week! We appreciate your time and help with this!