MMS Tech Tips & Reminders

December 2012 Edition

Submitting a Help Desk Ticket

For technical or software issues associated with your computer, you must submit a Help Desk Ticket. Follow these steps:

  1. UCPS Homepage
  2. Click on Staff on the left hand side
  3. Click on Help Desk (Located under tools)
  4. Log into this page with your usual credentials
  5. Click Add and enter necessary information. Review the ticket and save again.
  6. You can only submit tickets at school and it's best to submit the ticket on the problematic device

Accessing Student Google Apps Accounts

Follow these steps:

To access student Google Accounts:

1. Log into Moodle Mid

2. Scroll down the page

3. Look at the block on the right that says Apps for Students

4. Click on the Docs

5. Username: NCWise # Password: unioncounty (If this is 1st time logging in)

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