Bobcat Bulletin

Staff Edition

April 29, 2019

Keeping you Informed


Please take time to emphasize the importance of students doing well on CAASPP testing. The scores are used for placement into classes both here at YLMS but also used at high schools. It also allows us to show that we are a top middle school in the State.

Preparing for CAASPP

We will have more information on Wednesday but we will be combining our extra Chromebooks which allows us to have the testing schedule we have developed. Please make sure to mark your Chromebooks and the power cords that go with them so they can be returned when we are done with testing.

Wednesday PLC- All Staff Meeting in Room 42 @ 2:40 pm

Love Yorba Linda 2019

This weekend a group of volunteers will be on campus to help clean up our campus. If you or any students would like to help out they will be on campus between 8 am and Noon.

Calendar for April / May

May 1- All Staff Meeting

May 1- WEB Wednesday for 6th-grade students at Lunch

May 2- All School Dance after school

May 4- Love Yorba Linda 2019 beautification for YLMS

Have a Great Week!