Environmental Study Project

Carson DeBoard Period 1 Ms. Kibbey


Orlando's history goes back in time all the way to 1838 and it was the height of the seminole wars. A family named the Jernigan family were the first ones to build permanent settlements in the area. The population in Orlando is 249,562 people. Orlando has changed a bunch over 30 years, the 80’s were different, the 90’s were different, and now the world is going through a lot of trouble with the government.


On average, orlando’s temperature is between 49’F and 91’F every year. It rains the most in june, about 7.51 inches every year. The weather in Orlando doesn’t really affect the lives of the residents. The good features of orlandos weather and temperatures is that most of the people who have lived in orlando for a long time enjoy the weather and the temperature. The bad features of orlandos weather and temperatures is the thunderstorms and cold weather. Most of the people in orlando do not enjoy the cold weather at all and the thunderstorms are dangerous.

Natural disasters

Around september, that is when hurricane season starts. The worst hurricanes in the history of orlando were Charley, Frances, and Jeanne. From these hurricanes, they have caused a lot of damage to orlando and have taken some lives from people. One of the worst hurricanes that hit orlando was Donna and Donna was the only category 3 hurricane that hit orlando that had wind speeds up to 115 miles per hour. Donna made extensive damage to orlando also.


We have a lot of cultures in orlando. We have chinese restaurants, italian pizzerias, and all of those kinds of places. We do this because we like these cultures people have and how they do it. People come visit florida because they like it better in orlando, i think its because of the weather. Culture in orlando lets people see what people do in other cultures like art, music, and history.


We have a lot of residents in orlando. In orlando, almost all of our houses are occupied because this is the best state to live in, but we are building houses in fields that are not used. We have a high population in florida, our current population in orlando right now is 2,032,500 people. The most popular sport in orlando is basketball because we have a basketball team called the orlando magic. orlando has a lot of good places to go to and i think i've been to everyone of them.


Even though we live in a small city, we even have some wildlife in orlando. Orlando is popular for its alligators because we have the best sunny weather in the state and gators love the hot sun. But gators can harm people if you mess with them too much. In gatorland, we have the most gators in the area where kids can learn about alligators. Alligators help the environment because if we kill some gators, they can be cooked and made into gator bites, yummy.

Overall Reflection

All of these topics make up the city of orlando. I like how everyone in florida acts around new people, they become friendly, thats why its easy to make friends in orlando. I have read on the history about orlando and it sounds interesting on how orlando was made. I dislike the natural disasters like the really cold weather during the winter and the hurricanes, these natural disasters can kill people. But if it had to come down to the overall reflection about orlando, i really enjoy orlando for all of its topics.

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