Mrs. McDonald's Newsletter

December 7-11, 2015


  • This week the students will be reading three different versions of Little Red Riding Hood. After reading the different versions, they will practice doing retelling one story by having a beginning, middle, and end.
  • The students will also select their two favorite versions to compare and contrast. They need to be able to find four similarities and four differences between the two stories.
  • In addition to these two skills, the students will learn about character traits and author's purpose (to persuade, inform, or entertain).
  • We started our Flat Stanley book club last week and will continue to read and work on our "journals." We will focus on chapter 2 and 3 of this book.


  • In writing, the students will continue to practice writing an opinion paper. Last week, they learned about linking words (transitions) used in opinion writing. They also practiced writing examples or explanations for their reasons. They will continue to do these skills this week while responding to the prompt: "What is your favorite version of Little Red Riding Hood?"
Word Study:
  • The word study lists this week focus on 'ur' pattern. This is often a difficult pattern for students because the 'u' sound is not heard.
Parts of Speech:
  • We will be reviewing verbs and verb tenses this week. However, we will also be starting to learn about adjectives or describing words. These make our writing stronger and more interesting. To introduce these, we will look at character traits, poetry, and will play some games.


  • The students have done a wonderful job working on the arrow way as a strategy to solve double-digit addition/subtraction problems. This week, we will practice the base ten way, which is drawing ten sticks and ones blocks. Many of them love this strategy because they are more familiar with base ten blocks and can use manipulatives to help check their answers.
  • We will also be focusing a lot on solving addition and subtraction word problems. These are mainly two-step problems, which are very challenging. Please try to help your child by checking his or her work on their problem solving homework this week.


  • We are continuing to finish our Community ABC Book. They logged into Google Docs last week to type their papers. If they have not already had the opportunity to do so, they will add an image to their paper.
  • We will start our next expedition in January after the Winter Break.

Spirit Week

  • Monday: Clash Day (mix and match patterns)
  • Tuesday: Character Day (dress like your favorite character from a book or movie)
  • Wednesday: Crazy Hair Day
  • Thursday: Spirit Color Day --> 2nd Grade wears red
  • Friday: Sports Day

Upcoming Dates

  • Wednesday, December 9th: Early Release

  • Monday, December 21st- Friday, January 1st: Winter Break