Tour around Georgia

Whats going on?

Have you ever wanted to go on a trip through good ole' Georgia? Well no you can, this is a tour for kids and adults. You will visit many places within the state, including museums, water parks, and much more! The trip will start on May 20, 2013 through May 26, 2013. You will start in Reidsville, GA. All the way through northern Georgia.

Day 1- Summer Waves

We will be leaving Reidsville on May 20, 2013. Our first stop on the tour around Georgia will be in the Coastal Plains. We will be in Jekyll Island, we will be going to have fun on a water park. The park we will be attending is Summer Waves :)

Day 2- Fernbank Museum & Georgia Aquarium

On our second day on the tour, we will stop in the Piedmont. We will be in Atlanta, visiting 2 places. We will attend the Fernbank Museum and the Georgia Aquarium.

Day 3- Lake Blue Ridge

On Day 3 we will visit the Blue Ridge area. We will go for a nice swim in the one and only Lake Blue Ridge. So, make sure your bring sunscreen, you don't want to get sun burnt!

Day 4- National Military Park

Guess what region we will visit on day 4? Yes, the valley and ridge is next on our tour. We will be having an outdoors sort of day, to enjoy the surroundings of the park and a little picnic.

Day 5- Lookout mountain

Now, the most exciting view you will ever see will be on day 5 in the Appalachian Plateau. We will visit Lookout Mountain, the mountain where you can see FIVE different states! They are Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, South Carolina, Kentucky and Virginia!

Day 6- Tybee Island

Almost ending our trip, on day 6, we will be on the beach! We will take a day to stop and relax at the Tybee area for some swimming. Hope you brought sunscreen to the place!

Day 7- Clubhouse

Can you guess what's next? Well yes people, we will be at the clubhouse in Statesboro, GA. We will be ending our tour with a little bit of golf action. Be prepared to challenge some of the new people you might meet in the bus. The clubs and golf balls ARE provided.

Prices & further information

The total price of the trip will be $843.00

We will be stopping in the near by hotels of the area and you will be taken to a restaurant to choose your food of the day. I look forward to seeing you soon! Don't miss out on the fun!