Physical Education

By Mady Brown


Eighty percent of adults who are obese now, we're obese as children (Reed 16). Obesity starts young. Physical education gives children part of the daily recommended amount of activity (Reed 21). Children who are physically fit and active tend to preform better academically (Health Education). They can process thoughts faster and receive higher test scores than those students who aren't physically active. Adults are dying younger due to the diseases accumulated at a young age (Nardo 9). These are preventable diseases. Children need a better physical education program in order to stay fit and prevent these deadly diseases.


Physical education in public schools is benifitial because it can lower the rate of obesity in children and help them process their thoughts better.
First, physical education can lower the rate of obesity. The amount of overweight children in the United States has doubled since 1970 (Kepner). This is due to the lack of physical activity in children. Most elementary schools only teach thirty minutes of physical education weekly, which is only seven percent of the recommended amount (Kepner). Obesity is causing health issues such as depression or heart disease (Nardo 10). These major health issues can lead to more severe consequences later in life such as a heart attack and death (Nardo 10). Obesity is a preventable death that can be stopped with a health lifestyle and healthy eating (Nardo 14). Children aren't thinking about the consequences that come from their actions now (Kepner). More physical education time can reduce these problems or even eliminate them altogether. It is proven that children start habits young and putting in a routine of daily physical activity can help them have a daily physical routine as adults.
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Secondly, physical education can help children process their thoughts better. It has been proven that movement can help adolescents remember material better (Reed 6). Activity can lead to the students linking the action to the material being taught (Reed 6).It can also keep the student engaged in the lesson (Reed 7).Research has proven that physical education can lead to more on task behavior (Reed 7). The on task behavior drastically improved the reading and math scores (Reed 8). Knowledge and attitude have also improved with physical activity (Heath Education). It is important that children have a good attitude toward school so they will be willing to listen and participate. Without daily physical education the energy in students builds up making them restless and easily distracted (Health Education). Physical education can make kids more attentive and smarter.
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In conclusion, physical education is important to all children. Physical education can lower obesity and help to prevent heart diseases, diabetes, and depression (Nardo 21). It can also help students learn the material faster (Reed 6). Physical education is important to our entire body. Children need physical education classes because it will help them right now and in the future,

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