The Justice Crew

Don't Kill be Chill

By: Eduardo Berumen, Sky Breedlove, Andrew Grimmer, Justice Buford

Our plan:

We will do a carnival where kids can go have fun and learn about how another kid's friends and families are dying in a different country. They also will have a chance to donate and help other kids in Africa get a better life. Our main goal is to help kid in Africa affected by the Rwandan Genocide and by Joseph Kony.

Anti-Violence we will cause

Our goal

Our organization is made to help kids and families have fun while learning about other peoples lives and what stuff they don't have. A lot of Rwandan kids and families died and we want the families to learn about the Rwandan stories their experience of the situation, and how we can help prevent these things from happening. We will have donation booth all around the carnival and all the proceeds will go to charity. Kids need to learn that everybody does not have a easy life and that there are other kids struggling in other countries.

Come help us!

With the knowledge we taught the children and people about these events. We will be able to become a spread of this group to prevent more violence spread, even so it would happen in our country.