Welcome to Lineville

By: Connor Corrigan


Sacred coming to Lineville don't worry it is just another school but all lot a different but some stuff the same.Hope this helps


There are three choices of music. The first one in band you get to choose if you want to play the flute, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, baritone ,and percussion.Then you can do orchestra where you can play the violin,viola,bass,and cello.Last you can choose choir which all you do is sing.These are the three music chose at Lineville.


At lunch, you can sit where ever you want and you can move if you want to sit somewhere else. There are two main choices for lunch, District which is what all the Elementary schools eat and then commons which has pizza, quesadillas, Spicy chicken sandwich,cheese fries, and popcorn chicken. And then there Is al a crate which has cookies,Snapple , pudding, and apple juice, rice Krispy bars, pretzels, and bagels. That is all the choices for lunch at Lineville. The discipline for lunch is you stay inside and wash the tables. But if you do a good job you can get to go outside.


At lineville you get a minors, majors,noons, and mash. Let me tell you everything you need to know not to get a minor a major a noon or a mash.


You get minors for late homework, talking back to a teacher, technology violation.


You get a major if you get three minors for the same thing.


If you don't have your homework done you get a noon which is you stay in from recess to get your homework done.


If it happens over and over you get a mash which is you stay after school to finish your homework or a project. You go there until you start to get your homework done or finish the project.

After school activities

There are some school activities for 5th graders.

•Basketball skill and drills

•Red cross babysitting class

•volleyball skill and drills

•Battle of the books


•Peer leaders

These are just some of after school activities.


Once the school year starts lockers may be hard but through the year your lockers will be a piece of cake. These are the direction to opening your locker. First you must spin your lock around a couple of times.Then, you spin your lock to the right and put your first number in then all you do is left then right. Hope you can open you locker. Good luck.


I hope that the information I gave you will hlep you at Lineville. Good luck