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for Elementary Staff ~ May 6, 2015

In This Newsletter:

  • Teachers - a Thank You
  • Report Card Window
  • Three Ways to Engage Students and Liberate Thinking
  • Engaging reading idea from a Fernbrook teacher
  • Required Spring Assessments (Repeat from last week)
  • Optional Social Studies Meeting for Next Year's 3rd Grade Teachers (Repeat from last week)
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Educators + GoPro: What Does Love Look Like?

Report Card Window May 18

You will be able to access Trimester 3 report cards from May 18 - June 11th.

Three Ways to Engage Students and Liberate Thinking

In this Education Update article, New York City writing coach Rose Reissman suggests some specific messages teachers can send to get their students engaged:

There is NO single correct answer to this question. Accepting the first student response that’s correct shuts down discussion, says Reissman. Teachers should solicit at least four different answers that offer different approaches.

There is NO template or desired format for this project. Teachers can spark students’ creativity by saying there are multiple approaches to meeting goals and objectives.

NO spoken answer is required. Students should feel free to think about an answer in their head, write about it, or share it online or with an elbow partner rather than feeling compelled to join the verbal scrum of all-class discussions. “Not every student is a natural vocal speaker,” says Reissman, “and many fear being called on.”

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Summary provided by Marshall Memo, May 2015

Snapple Trivia

Lisa Rahja, a 2nd Grade teacher at Fernbrook, has everyone she knows collect Snapple caps. These caps have trivia printed inside the cap. She places them in a basket for her students to read throughout the day. She sometimes takes them out during Morning Meeting as well. Lisa shared that the students find the trivia fascinating and that the facts often result in interesting conversations among students!

Required Spring Assessments

Optional Social Studies Meeting for Next Year's 3rd Grade Teachers

Third grade teachers and LMSs will use the MPCC 3rd Grade Social Studies Course to instruct Social Studies next year. There is an optional meeting to discuss these new instructional materials and the digital tools that will be available for 3rd grade use. Please register in KeepCertified to get CEU credit-3rd Grade Teachers: 2015-2016 Social Studies Instructional Materials. KeepCertified

Date: May 12th

Time: 4:30-6:00 PM

Place: ESC Forum Room

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