Impact of advertisements on teens

Teens are being influenced by many ads

By Giovanna Accardo

Teens are being very influenced and effected by advertisers and marketers to buy products from them. Teens impact more with ads because of immaturity and being unskilled with knowing about marketing. They are also, easy convincers to influence others, such as parents, to buy products for them. By teenagers being influenced and influencing others, they become very important to marketers. Therefor, marketers and advertisers are advertising more products for teens and kids. If the marketers get more people to buy their product they earn more money. Then the people would have less money.

If teens are mostly advertising a company's product by buying it then, marketers can spend a sustainable open income. People should not fall for ads because then, advertisers believe that their product is successful. Advertisers try to influence a child. Then in the family decision making process, everyone is influenced by the child and the product is being bought. Advertising plays a vital role in the family decision process, advertisers try to influence the child which in turn influences the whole household and the parents(Moschis & Mitchell 2). That is why children or teens should try not to be so impacted by the ads and marketers.

They could impact less by not watching the ad. Also, if they don’t listen or pay attention to the ad because then they would want the product. Advertisers don’t only influence teens to buy their products they also impact on teens with self image. Many girls and young boys also feel unhappy with their bodies, which is part of self image. Women are more impacted by ads because they really want to have the product or be like the person on the ad. Men can also think negative of their body types and physical image because of media and TV advertisements. The low self-esteem that cutails from teenage ads and influences their body types and behavior could have harmful effects on them(Moschis & Michell 3). As a result, teens have a negative manner of themselves.

In conclusion teens are very impacted by advertisements. Weather it’s to buy a product or feel bad about their self image even if it’s a boy or girl, both impact on teens because they are the most targeted audience. Teenagers are being influenced by several advertisements all the time. Advertisers may want to get more money on the products but, it leads to the low self esteem of children.

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