By: Skylar, Nathan, Jacques, Ryan, Erik


Honduras is a central america. The majority of the area is high lands wit h plaines full of river valleys. The majority of the population live in the high lands. The maine industries are timber mining and cattle. The timber is pine wood. Also they mine gold silver and iron ore. Also The climate is humid.



The First 4 years of Honduran Primary school are free.

Many children in Honduras don’t finish school.

There educational system is the most backwards in all of Central America.

Not many students finish primary school and if they do they have had to repeat grades.

Many children do even get the chance to go to school.

86.5% of school-age children go to school, while the remaining 13.5% cannot get access to an education.

Hardly 32 of every 100 students finish primary school without repeating grades.

There are 11 Universities in Honduras.

These Universities only have 3-4 year programs.


Honduras has a Presidential Representative Democratic Republic. Which means that the president has total control of all branches of government while in a democracy. Because of such power, the government limits the presidential term to 4 years with no possibility of re-election, like the rest of the government. The national anthem is "Himno Nacionel de Honduras" which was adopted in 1915. The current president is Juan Orlando Hernandez, and the current vice president is Ricardo Alvarez.


Honduras has one very popular belief. Roman Catholic is the the most popular with 80% of the population. They even celebrate many of the same religions as as the US such as Easter. The people of Honduras hold festivals such as La Ceilba, San Pedro Sula, and Santa Rosa de Copan.


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