April 1, 2021


APR. 2 - 9 No School - Spring Break

Apr. 12 Students return from Spring Break

Apr. 19 Board of Education meeting, 7PM

Apr. 19 WEPA meeting, 6:30 PM

May 11 Dentists-R-Us

Principal's Corner

Dear Steeby Families,

I want to thank all of you for allowing us to be part of your child’s education. Everyday is a great day here at Steeby Elementary. Teachers make their lessons fun and exciting, and students are engaged in their learning. As always, if you have any questions or concerns regarding your child’s education please reach out to your child’s teacher.

Spring has arrived and the weather makes us all think of summer. Please help us to remind your child that each and every day at school is an opportunity to learn something new. June 4th will be here before we know it but there is a lot of learning that will take place before that day.

M-STEP(Michigan Student Test of Educational Progress) is right around the corner. This test is administered by each public school in the state of Michigan to students in grades 3-8. It is aligned to Michigan’s learning standards and assesses students with more problem solving and critical thinking questions. Students in 3rd grade will be tested in ELA and Math. The tests will be given on different days throughout a five week window starting on Monday, April 26, ending on Friday, May 28. To learn more about M-STEP, and for resources pertaining to M-STEP, go to MDE- M-Step Summative

If you are traveling for spring break or enjoying the week at home, I hope you and your family enjoy your time together.

Yours in Education,

Christina Johnson

Steeby Elementary Principal


Dentists-R-Us, a traveling dental team, will be coming to Steeby Elementary on Tuesday, May 11th. We will be sending home information and permission slips for this service after Spring Break. If you would like your student to be seen by this team you will need to fill out the permission slip and have it returned to the Steeby Elementary office by Wednesday, May 5th.

March Reading Madness Winners

Congratulations to the students listed below who won the March Reading Madness drawing. Each winner will receive their own copy of "Soaked" by Abi Cushman.

Brayden Huffman; Skye Jackson; Kayen Smith; Amara Sheffer; Tyler Warmbold; Maya Manning; Braeden Reurink; Jailah Einig; Max Ergang; Emma Hammond


Physical Education Matters

We finished up our Kids Heart Challenge event and between Baker and Steeby we have raised over $14,000 (an exact number will be available soon). Great job to all the students and families raising money this year! Not only are we saving lives and teaching our children to help those in need, but we also get a gift certificate from a sponsor (US Games) to spend on new PE equipment! Students should be receiving all prizes right after spring break.

In physical education, we are finishing up a volleyball unit and then starting 4 square. As the weather gets nice I am hoping to take them outside more often. We will run the half mile with each class instead of a school-wide event and the top 15 boys and girls from each grade will be posted.

Recent athlete's of the week have been: Brayden Miner, Aspyn Mulder, Elijah Vandermolen, and Teagan Wienczkowski.

-Mr. Weber

Physical Education Teacher

A Note About Music

Greetings from the Music Room! The past month has been filled with learning and having fun during music. The students have been learning about different music notes and rhythms through songs - like the half note (2nd grade) and syncopation (3rd grade). We have also been reviewing solfege (do-re-mi-so-la) with songs. Since it was March we focused on some Irish music during the week of St. Patrick's Day. The students also have been using instruments like the xylophones, glockenspiels and rhythm sticks. We have been having fun moving our bodies by learning folk dances. The students have been introduced to different books about musicians like the book Libba - about Elizabeth Cotten and Swing Sisters - The story of the International Sweethearts of Rhythm. The students have also used the books Mortimer & Build a Burrito with the xylophones/glockenspiels. I hope all of the students have fun during Spring Break and keep on making music!

Jennifer Bailey

Baker & Steeby Elementary

Music Specialist

Media Moments

Happy Spring! In media this month students worked on typing and drawing on the computer. Students wrote about their favorite book. They also wrote about what they love about spring. When we get back from spring break it will be poetry month. Students will be creating their own poems. I'm excited to see their creativity. Have a great spring break!

Niki Barnes

Media Teacher

Parent Drop Off/Pick Up

For those who drop off their student in the morning and/or pick them up in the afternoon you will notice new signs in the area instructing you to pull ahead to a certain spot. By doing so it allows us to load 4 cars at a time and reduce the amount of time spent in line waiting. Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

Please realize that as the weather continues to get warmer we have many more children walking/biking to and from school. Please drive safely and keep an alert eye out for the children.

A Child's Perspective

This month's question was:

"If you could be invisible for one day, what would you do?"

"Sneak into my classroom at night." - Aeryn, 2nd grade

"Go to the park whenever I want." - Bailee, 2nd grade

"Sneak into the candy cabinet and eat as much as I want." - Finn, 2nd grade

"Scare people, especially my sister." - Emma, 3rd grade

"Ignore my little brother." - Madelyn, 3rd grade

"Run around New York City." - Peyton, 3rd grade

Supercat Winners

For Week of 3/8/21

Levi Bishop; Madelyn Battenfield; Skye Jackson; Israel Ramirez; Ryleigh Kerkemeyer; Levi Button; Aeryn Cervantez; Amara Sheffer; Lila Linderman; Kaiden Fuller; Madeline Curtis; Zohe Pierce; Ashtyn Mulder; Leo Buchinski; Karlee Hollebeek; Lane Jandernoa; Natalee Crooks; Jack DeLaney Classroom Winner: Mrs. Nykerk's 2nd grade class

For Week of 3/16/21

Avery Wright; Oliver Ellis; Bailee Kidd; Traverse Haveman; Carter Rairigh; Aiden Lake-Hubbard; Abbie Desposito; Landon Sutherland; Kaydense Downing; Lucas Cochran; Macie Peckham; Autumn Stadt; Charlotte Vronko; Max Berens; Kendall Jackson; Atticus Cooper; Max Ergang; Leland Phinney; Zao Hudson; Wyatt Matthysse Classroom Winner: Ms. Hoskins's 2nd grade class

For Week of 3/22/21

Norah VanNortwick; Makalynn Cross; Raya Klaver; Jace Wilson; Baylee McMurray; Jayden Bush; Aeryn Cervantez; Trent Bockheim; Ella Hewartson; Brycen Perry; Gabbie Johnston; Tristan Duran; Ella Silvernail; Jayden Frankfurth; Eva Perez; Dyllan Schiefla; Karlee Hollebeek; Wyatt Niemchick; Natalee Crooks; Ryan Snyder Classroom Winner: Mrs. Sova's 3rd grade class

For Week of 3/29/21

Savannah Hosteter; Kendall Prenatt; Laina Northey; Brielle Vandermolen; Parker Chachulski; Ryleigh Kerkemeyer; Charlotte Stepek; Grayson Tolliver; Evelyn Cunigan; Dominic Lewis; Parker Johnson; Teagan Wienczkowski; Braden Reurink; Serenity Whitworth; Jaiden Smith; Makayla Miner; Drew Long; Lucas Hudson; Corey Little Classroom Winner: Mrs. Sova's 3rd grade class

Community Education Offerings

Babysitter Training - ages 11 & over

One day class - Saturday, April 17

YOGA is back - adult class

Wednesday nights, 8 week class starting April 14

POUND - adult class

Thursday nights, 8 week class starting April 22

CPR - adult class

One night class - Wed, April 28

BOATER SAFETY CLASS - ages 12 (by Aug. 1, 2021) and older

Two night class - T/W May 4 & 5

Online Registration for all Community Education classes -