Emigrating to Canada

Is it a good idea

December.10.2011 was a stormy icy day. A family with only 5 members came from Oman, they landed at Toronto Airport. They where fulled with hope for a new Opportunity in life .

This small family came for preferable future conditions, was also hoping for a miracle scope for their nine years old gorgeous daughter Lana because of the specific care she needs (Canada gives better Health care) in addition an international recognized university certificates for Gina and Yousif the other two kids. Canada is very peaceful when it comes to wars by avoiding getting drafted . Also the climate is very unique. So that's why they had chosen Canada for their farthest new life and culture.

Moving to Canada was a really hard Decision to be done, particularly when it comes to leaving their big house where they had all their memories, the good ones and the bad ones and it was not the only problem in this small family , other problems like leaving their Neighbors , kids changing schools and even missing some family friends that they used to know them since they where kids. But the biggest problem that they faced is that leaving their jobs and the idea of must sealing the house filled with warm memories for another one in Canada.

Gina Al-aswad