Barrington Newsletter

News for the week of October 4th, 2012 : Lindsey Swidergal

Is partying the only thing that makes you cool in highschool?

Smoking and drinking? Lying and Bluffing? Are these things that a student has to be associated with to be accepted? At Barrington High School the urge to be popular and fit in is always soaring. Recently, it has be considered okay to be two faced and portray a different personality when hanging with the "cool" crowd. Many students put on a phony act to be a part of a popular group that actually doesn’t really exist. As a student, would you like have real, genuine friends or ones that use you for your amenities? At first the instinct is always," Of course I would like to have legitimate friends who like me for who I am". But in reality, people are going to act and that is how a society may fall short. The downfall of our society is because of us, the students. Students’ fake personalities and quest to fit in is what is going to make the Barrington high school's society fail just like the civilization in the well known novel The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Taking everything for granted?

Every weekend in Barrington, there is sure to be multiple parties with a handful of kids acting as if it’s the end of the world but how many of the guest actually appreciate the host. Parents are out of town and the first instinct of every high school student is to throw a full on memorable ragger. The 2012 Apple stereo system is blasting, "Gangnam Style", and kids are dancing and having a good time. How many of the people are actually fellow acquaintances with the host and know the true personality of the host? The answer in most cases is slim to none. This is going to lead to the downfall of the society because it shows how people act to get things they want. Teenagers act like they are "b.f.f's" with the host in order to get a invite to the party or just enjoy a good time. Acting will cause this society to fail. The truth always comes out. When it does, nothing good happens. Barrington high school parties sure sounds similar to Gatsby's parties. Gatsby lavish parties were an excitement in the West Egg. Even though the drunk guest had no clue who Gatsby was or what he looked like, the parties are always packed with people dancing the Charleston and having a lavishness time. Nick exclaims , "I believe that on the first night I went to Gatsby's house I was one of the few guests who had actually been invited. People were not invited- they went there". With many people not knowing Gatsby, the society began to fall.
All of us high school students have seen the movie Project X and have had majestic dreams of going to party exactly like that. Even though it’s an above and beyond, exaggerated Hollywood movie, it still portrays a accurate example of people using the host for his hospitality. Thousands of people show up to a house of a kid that has three friends and is socially awkward, shy, and has a dream of being with the cool crowd. Many of them have no clue whose house it even was. Of course though when they see the host, they get all warm and fuzzy and talk to him about how awesome the party is. People think a big accomplishment occurs when a “popular” student comes to your part or talks to you. This happens in Barrington a lot. The feeling that people are putting on a show for and using you. No one cares if you’re actually a sweet kid. If you’re having a party they are going to figure out a way to get there no matter what. " Any party that has booze and food. I'm there. No if, and, or buts", said an anonymous senior. Host need to come to their senses and realize that no one is coming to your party just to hang out. This will be an advancement in the progress of the society, but the acting of people needs to come to a halt. The fakeness when people go to parties is causing Barrington’s society to fall fast!

A want that is unreachable

Barrington students, some consciously and others not, have an obsession with how others view them. What you wear, where you’re from, and how much money you have. Myrtle and Barrington students compare in many ways. Myrtle always wanted to be a part of East Egg, have lots of money, and wealthy clothes. Myrtle would rather be treated like a dog by someone who has money, than be cared by someone who isn’t wealthy. It is not that student’s want money but every student wants something they cannot have. If that’s a boyfriend/girlfriend or just friends that maybe act differently. “ I wanted to be popular. I sacrificed everything. I lost my best friend and its probably one of the biggest regrets of my life so far”, Madison , a Junior, cried. Shows what a person’s actions can cause. Myrtle causes the Gatsby society to fail because she wants a better life where she can act like she is the top of the world. Students want to be a part of group that is at the top of the social pyramid. It’s always a want but can never be accomplished. This dream of each student also compares Gatsby’s dream of having Daisy and what the green light symbolism. The green light was a symbol of something like a dream that is unachievable. The dream of Gatsby to have daisy ended in tragic. Gatsby died and never reached his goal in life. Exactly like how the dream of a student to be at the social top is unattainable. A person is born with the personality and the characters they have. Fakeness is the only way that a person can possibly reach their peak. Gatsby was real, things end abruptly. Myrtle was a pretender, and put on a show to be at the top. Then she got killed, which added to the downfall of the society. Explains exactly how being fake leads to a society to fail. Just like myrtle, a fake personality will lead to Barrington high school failing.

It needs to stop.

Barrington High School needs to get its act together or else! Gatsby society failed because of the people, what makes you think that the same couldn't occur to us. It's all on us, the students. We have the ability to change and we need. The fake personalities need to stop. Our society is failing because of them. The urge to fit in is a major factor to the society’s downfall. It causes people to pretend which leads to false personalities. If an individual is going to act fake what does that mean to a society. A society that contains all fake is not a society in my opinion. It’s a made up place where the truth lies behind all the false citizens. Nothing is worse than acting and pretending. Barrington High School, its our time to stop these false imitations and create a society where everyone is a individual with there own place to be accepted. Drinking,partying, falseness, acting, and bluffing does not make you cool and is the main reasons Barrington high school will for sure fall. What are you as a student going to do?