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Hellstern Middle School Newsletter, Springdale, AR

2020-2021 Issue 14, November 2, 2020

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Friday was such a fun day!

We started the day with a virtual awards celebration. We recognized honor roll students, students that have improved, those that show responsibility & initiative, and many other things. Students were given flair for their lanyards that our PTO purchased. We will do this every quarter and students have opportunities all year long to earn some flair!

After that, students stayed in teams all day and they had a day of learning & fun that was unlike most days. They played games, did STEM challenges, wacky science experiments, and built relationships with their teachers and students. It was a GREAT day!!

We ended with some awards given for costumes, also provided by our PTO. Our staff and students are just FANTASTIC!! Way to go Heroes!!!

Connect with your team!

Every week, we will post team information through these links. We are doing this to try and simplify communication. So be sure and check here EVERY WEEK!

6th Grade Teams

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Tutoring available!

We are trying out some minor changes this 2nd quarter. We have teachers assigned to monitor a "study hall" from 7:45-8:30 every day. Students may be assigned by teachers if they are behind or have missing assignments.

We also are now offering tutoring on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 3:15-4:00pm every week. Students must be picked up at 4pm if they choose to stay. If a student is staying for tutoring they can go to the library at the end of the day and we will relocate to room 207 or 407 (depending on the day).

Meet Our Heroes!

Every week we want to introduce you to fabulous Heroes that work at Hellstern. We have some of the best teachers and staff in the world and can't wait for you to get to know them!
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Hellstern Athletics

Please remember, AAA guidelines & the governor's mask mandate require us to wear masks to all of the athletic events. Help keep our seasons going - mask up!!


5 - FB Championship Week TBA

14 - Girls & Boys BB vs. Shiloh @ Shiloh (10am)

16 - Girls & Boys BB vs. Huntsville @ Huntsville (4:30-6:30pm)

19 - Girls BB (@ CJHS) & Boys BB (Away) vs. Elmwood JH (5:30)

30 - Boys BB (@ CJHS) & Girls BB (Away) vs. RamayJH (5:30)


3 - Boys BB (Away) & Girls BB (@CJHS) vs. Grimsley

7 - Boys BB (@CJHS) & Girls BB (Away) vs. Washington

10 - Boys BB (@CJHS) & Girls BB (Away) vs. Farmington

14 - Boys & Girls BB vs. HTMS (@HBHS - 2 gyms)

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