Laptops, Netbooks, Notebooks and Desktops


A Laptop is a portable computer small enough to use on your lap, and suitable for travelling.

Desktop Computer

A Desktop Computer is more suitable for programmers, or people who need to work on higher programs such as Java or Flash.


A Notebook is a smaller version of a Laptop, however Notebooks don't usually have a disc drive.


A Netbook is similar to a notebook, except it is more specialised to connecting to the internet.


A Personal Digital Assistant is small enough to be held in the palm of your hand, usually contains an address book, note making features, telephone and internet features.

Device Suitability- Laptop vs Desktop

Teacher- A laptop would probably be more suitable for a teacher because they would be able to take it home and continue after school, for example marking work.

A News Reporter- A laptop would be more suitable because it would need to be portable.

A Website Designer- A website designer may need more than one screen, however a desktop would be more suitable because it needs more powerful programming.

A doctor (GP in a surgery)- A GP would need a desktop because they don't move around very much and therefore they wouldn't need anything portable such as a Laptop.

A Traffic Warden- Although a Traffic Warden probably wouldn't need either, a laptop would be more suitable as it is portable.

Other Features

—Touch screen- Would help people who have difficulty using buttons or keyboards.

—Track ball/pad- Would help people to focus on screens that aren't touch sensitive.

—High contrast mode- An accessibility feature built to assist people with sight impairment. It can change the size and colour of text, and contrast the background for ease of viewing.

—Speech recognition- This feature allows the user to talk to the device, instead of typing. It would be helpful if one had trouble trouble tying.

—Spell checker- This accessory corrects spelling mistakes made, without the need to find a dictionary. It is useful if you are in a rush to write a document accurately.

—Head pointer/mouse- This improves the accuracy of pointing to something on your screen. These are often used on laptops and especially desktops.