The Telephone

why you should have one!!


The telephone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876 as a new way of communication. He had no idea that it would turn into what it did. He though he would later face years legal challenges.
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Our society

how the telephone works, when someone speaks into the telephone mouthpiece an electronic current is sent to the receiver who hears the voice.

it effects our society people don’t have to talk face to face they can call or even text.

Alexander Graham Bell Biography


We communicate through the telephone

We can talk to people from far away places that's how we use it today.

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Fall backs about the Telephone

The telephone would make us lazy because we would be on it all the time and less active.

It would also make us less social because as kids we learn to talk over the phone and not in person. Those are the only fall backs about telephones.

Rating the telephone!

As a group we rate the telephone a 10 because the telephone was a great invention! And you can get a hold of people without having to talk to them in person.