Mr. Hall's 11th Grade Lit Class

Web 2.0 Tools


Youtube is going to be a great Web 2.0 tool used in my class to share educational videos to students on texts that we will be reading and discussing in class. The videos will not only provide a fun learning environment in the class room, but will also help students further grasp the ideas and concepts we are learning about.


Twitter will also be used often within my classes because it allows my students to share their ideas and thoughts about what they are learning in my class. My students will have to tweet something that interested them in my class at least 3 times a week. This allows me to see if they are understanding the material and also how well of a job I'm doing as their teacher.


Word Press

Word Press is a great tool to help students prepare for class in advance. I will be using Word Press to post what we will be covering on that day and also what we will be covering in the future. This helps the students and I to stay organized and to keep the class on schedule.